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And also, I love the Union Jack (See my Avvy if you dont know it :S )

It's the Union Jack when it is at sea, otherwise it's the Union Flag :P

And you do realise that you have the flag of Britain, and not the UK in your sig...?

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the flag of the cretan republic of 1898-1913, also in my avatar

it reminds you of the old greek flag, which was just a blue rectangle with a white cross, symbolizing the connections with greece and the common national base.

the cross also symbolizes the large christian majority in the region, and the the blue the large greek majority, while the red symbolizes the turkish- muslim minority and the star the new-found freedom of the cretan people.


this flag, also known as the flag of yiurop, is my !@#$%* flag. it's how the EU flag would look like if the EU was a communist union, and shows the love of europe and the belief in communism of the person who uses it; the hammer and sickle symbolize communism, and so does the red background, while the stars remind you of the stars in the european flag. you have to change the no. of stars every time a new member joins, but still it's a pretty clear flag that passes its message.

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Examples of my nation "The Kingdom of Yugoslavia's" flags/banners:


[Kingdom of Yugoslavia's National Flag]


[Kingdom of Yugoslavia's State Flag]


[Kingdom of Yugoslavia's Naval Ensign/War Flag]


[Kingdom of Yugoslavia's King's Royal Standard and Prime Minister's Standard]

More Fine Examples: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_K...m_of_Yugoslavia

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Personally I dont like Red and Black. But it does look nice. I'd remove the wavy effects, and any shiny stuff. Other than that it's fine.

I love the Kindgom of Yugoslavia flags though. :wub:

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Just a few examples from the NADC role players:

First, my own:

Federacion Iberiana (spaero2011):



Now the two other good ones:

The Eye Confederacy (rivereye):



Abandonhope (StephentheTerrible):



And now one that's not quite so good (I know, the text... But it's what the customer wanted.)

Bastralia (moomoo):



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Yo Spaero!

Currently, Spaero is making my flag. He's an awesome flag/seal/banner-designer person, if the NPO for some reason wanted to change their flag, he could do it :)

Ninja edit :ph34r:: Spaero finished mah flag!


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Player Created Alliances 101

Cyber Nations is home to a large community, most of which are involved in player created alliances. An alliance is a group of players who have bound themselves together by common interests and/or causes. These alliances can become sanctioned and receive in-game stats, a private forum and a specific user group color. There are only 12 sanctioned alliances at one time. All other alliances are unsanctioned.

Many new players want to jump right in and create their own alliance. It is a good idea to join one first before you do this. As a new player you will want to get to know how things work. Most of the alliances provide tips and strategies for game play while offering protection from other aggressive players. The Alliance Guide For Newbies is a good place to start looking for an alliance that fits you.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the way things work you are now ready to create your own alliance. Creating the alliance is simple; the hard work comes in recruitment and maintaining. To get your message out to like-minded players it is recommended to have the following:

  • Team Color (if any)
  • Charter/Manifesto
  • Sign-up Topic
  • Off-site Forum
  • Flag/Image

Why a Team Color?

Many of the alliances are based on teams. They have united in that Team Color to better use trades to their advantage. Other alliances do not require you to be on a particular team and are considered to be colorless alliances.

What is a charter?

A charter is in laymen terms a mission statement. This document will often state its positions on matters of war and peace, nuclear weapons, team color (if any) and also include the intricacies of the alliance government. Browse some of the other alliance charters to get an idea of what should be in it. If you attempt to use the framework of an existing charter it is always a good idea to give credit to the alliance.

What is a sign-up topic?

It explains itself. Make sure your topic subject reads something similar to (Alliance Name) sign up thread."

Where do I get an off-site forum?

There are many free forum providers on the Internet. The Cyber Nations forum was originally by InvisionFree, which is used for most alliance's forums.

Why a flag/image?

Many of the alliances use a flag or image to differentiate themselves from the rest. This is especially the case amongst the unsanctioned alliances that do not have the privilege of a forum mask to separate them. You will find these flags and/or images in the forum signatures of the players. Please keep in mind the Forum Rules when creating your image.

Once you have these you have everything necessary to properly create your own alliance. Now post your charter and sign-up thread in the Alliances and Wars forum. Congratulations and good luck!

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I don't mind the wave effect on Bushido's flag since it's clear the effect is not part of the flag design. I think it's a pretty effective flag. The glyphs work as symbols more than as text. They identify the asian influence.

MHA's flag is better than the old version, but yeah. Not so great. The irony is there's an perfectly fine flag right there staring us in the face...


That's about a 2 minute mock-up, but you get the idea. It's just the top part of the shield.

Good lesson - Very frequently when there's a shield or a coat of arms or something, the flag would be better to take one of the symbols used on the shield or arms rather than the whole complicated thing.

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Your Lesson while good does not always apply, I mean look at the SKA Flag, it was a very nicely drawn, and done flag, and it used the Serbian Coat of Arms to great effect to help establish who and what it represented.


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Your Lesson while good does not always apply, I mean look at the SKA Flag, it was a very nicely drawn, and done flag, and it used the Serbian Coat of Arms to great effect to help establish who and what it represented.


I personally dont care for it so much , you can tell the back lines were drawn separately. It doesn't flow with the coat of arms. Maybe if the colors were the same, but idk :P. Oh and o/ The long deceased SKA.

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