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We'd like to introduce you to...





The Scratch Pack

In search of friendship, cooperation and some crazy good tunes, Club CLAWS welcomes Bands from around Planet Bob to recognize this Protectorate Pact and agree to abide by the terms therein.

Article I - Protection and Non-Aggression
Each Band will receive assistance, whether that be economic, political or military, and protection from raiders and/or alliance aggression. The bands agree to no infighting, and to respecting each other both in public and behind the curtains. In the event that Club Claws or one of the Bands are attacked by some punks, each Band may join CLAWS in cleaning up the alleys.

Article II - Economic Cooperation
The Club agrees to provide each Band with enough dough, dollars, and Benjamins to fill up their carrying cases for the purpose of establishing a capable economy. In addition, each Band agrees to come to Club Claws first for tech deals before looking at other venues.
Article III - Intelligence
Should any of the signatories gain information that is important to one another, this information shall be conveyed as soon as possible backstage. Furthermore, each Band shall consult with CLAWS should they want to commit any important external actions, such as picking a fight or signing treaties.


Article IV - Dress Code

Band members will stick to the dress code of Club Claws and only wear Pink and Black. CLAWS will work to fix trade circles for each Band member as if they were members of CLAWS. Each Band will also endorse and vote for CLAWS senators in elections.


Article V - Withdrawal
Should any of these cool cats wish to withdraw from The Scratch Pack, the other members shall be informed 48 hours in advance. During these 48 hours before exiting the premises, all Articles and Terms of this Pact shall remain in effect. Should any of the Bands gravely violate this Pact, Club Claws reserves the right to boot them out immediately.


Signed on Behalf of CLAWS


Jazzy95, Supreme Sultan of Scratchposts
Al Bundy, Football Legend


Grand Inquisitor: Randalla



Minister of Foreign Affairs: Claude

Minister of Defense: Clash
Minister of Economics: Tehol
Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim


Signed on Behalf of Each Band


~Wayward Sons
Triumvir of State: Vincero


~North America Confederacy
Leader: Thom98


~Shadow Valley
The Titan: Jonyk5



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