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An open letter to Freelancer


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Yes hi there. I noticed a pm from you in my inbox. while I am exrtemely busy (currently in line to see the Jays vs yanks)
if it's about that problem of yours from way back when, I know what the problem is. Unfortunately I don't speak leet or whatever it is you call it. I did however, ask a friend of mine if he could help me translate. After a rather lengthy outburst of laughter he caught his breath and referred me to a link which I had thought was really appropriate. Enjoy.
*links contains explicit words, pleasevtake caution before reading*


Cheerfully yours,

William Bonney, a.k.a. Soldier of the Guerrillas United for more Manhattan Projects, or simply G.U.M.P.

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Trying to get me to post in a thread of useless content, I did enjoy the GATO brown cookies stuff and BTW I'm am nothing but a windbag at my house, I make no decisions, that said do you actually think anyone could infiltrate the III Percent?

I wish them luck in all there endeavors

If anything I'm transparent. While you may call me out in another thread and you can do that, it's just a waste time, rattling my cage doesn't happen too often, especially here. Please continue enjoying you wait inline to a sport that's equivalent to watching flies screw.

Don't bother replying I'll be heading out here shortly, boats, lake's and all that good stuff us backward hill folk enjoy.
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What I got from this thread is Go Jays!


Anyone playing against the Yankees gets a cheer from me. Go Jays indeed!

Yes indeed friends. I just got home, and in case ya'll haven't seen the updates, they did not disapoint at all. Pulled off a come from behind win when they were down 3-0 :p

/me was very happy
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