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Recently we received several letters from various members of the roleplaying community requesting/suggesting various reforms be made to the existing system for cnrp, and its structure of presentation. To summarize them, there was a proposal that new forums be created to cater to offshoot rps, that GM selection be returned to mod appointment, and a general request for more of a presence in the wider community on the part of the staff.

To respond to the first: The short answer to this question is that the creation of an entire new sub forum to support each new rp seems a little extreme to us. However we do acknowledge that 'the cnrp' has historically been given substantial staff support relative to its competitors. To this end, we will in the future sticky map threads belonging to other RPs provided: that they command a nontrivial following, and posses a decent body of related content (as we have with CNRP2). We're happy to support other rp's, but we would to also like to promote stability in the forum structure and avoid continuous work for the admins.

With regards to the second: The existing GM system was brought into existence for two overriding reasons. 1: Much of the staff has little direct experience with your community and its intricacies. I'm sure many of you can agree that the rules as they exist are byzantine, built upon years of precedent and difficult for even a very interested new player to penetrate, much less non participants. 2: We aren't producing the content, you are, and to that end we shouldn't be defining the framework of your play- that should be your privilege and responsibility. So when I say that we're hesitant to select your GMs or set your rules, I hope you understand why and where they comes from. As is stipulated in the guidelines for your section, we are willing to help facilitate consensus, but it's ultimately up to you all to reconcile your differences and find agreement.

Finally, we concur with the last of the points raised. The RP boards have not received as much staff attention as they have enjoyed in the past: after all this section seems to generally self regulate and there are few material rule violations. In either case, we'd like to rectify this and so I'll be personally taking a greater interest in this section of the forums. While not here to direct or shape your play, I'm willing to help in any way that I can. If you need any assistance from the staff or would like to bring anything to our attention feel free to contact me. I look forward to learning more about you.

Also feel free to discuss desired changes to the structure of GM selection/Rule making (if there are any) or the other proposals above.

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The forum doesn't support two continuities. The format won't let us play in the same box, and the majority of the old nations of CNRP1 are silent as the grave most of the time becuase you cant host two multi thread roleplays in one format, it doesn't work.I dont see anything in the above that will address the issues brought to your attention except the promise you'll keep an eye on things.
I dont believe anyone is asking you to shape content, but format? That's different story. Besides which, the point about it being too much work to put up a second forum is a non starter. Any one who has maintained or owned a forum knows that's false, whether you're running on Proboards or some other format. This whole thing strikes me as a non action and I'm afraid it doesn't address adequately the needs of the community.

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