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Honolulu Anti-Imperialism Summit Begins

The Zigur

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Location: Hawaii Convention Center, Evening

36 Hours after Captain Hawaii escapes Philippines


Players involved

Shave N Haircut (France Delegate)

Evangeline Anobilis (RoC Delegate)

Euphaia (Hungary Government Delegate)

JEDCJT (Muscovy Observer)

lkfht (Republic of Italy Observer)

Mogar (Japan Observer)

King Lemonwhite (The Lemon Kingdom Delegate)

Dillon1102 (Cascadia Delegate)

JadeLithaen (Plains Federation Observer)

Tidybowlman (Kingdom of Axum Observer)


NPCs involved

High Chief of Samoa

President of Fiji

Representative of Native American Tribes Federation

Representative of New Black Panther Party

Numerous other Nationalist and Anti-Imperialist representatives



Kevin Kingswell (Philippine terrorists)






The Hawaii Convention Center, shining beacon of the Pacific




The Hawaiian Social Kingdom welcomes all delegates, representatives and observers who are here to network with anti-imperialists from around the world. Leading the event is Hawaii President Ezekiel Kukahiko, Chairman of SOCSOV.


At the Convention Center are numerous stalls representing commercial interests, Social Sovereignty ideological literature, a display marketing Hawaii's natively produced Stinger Battery Coolant Units, Top quality Cannabis and Food samples, and many other articles of interest.



The conference room where the delegates and observers will attend.


For a few hours before the formal event occurs, delegates and observers will socialize and enjoy the booths present in the convention center, but in the evening the formalities will begin. On stage, participants will have the opportunity to speak and share their perspective on imperialism around the world. Informational videos and local music will also be featured during the event.


We hope you enjoy your experience at the Hawaii Convention Center!

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Private Baraby, considered the most expendable of all Legionnaires, is released from military prison where he is serving his annual confinement for whatever mischief he's been up to of late. After being hosed off, he is drug before the king and told that he will be serving as the Kingdom's representative in Hawaii. 


"Cor guvnor?" asked Baraby.


"What in the hell did you just say?" asked King Beckwith.


"Apples orange m'lordship, times are hard, 3 percent discounts all around, the four o' clock tram to Covington M'grace," replied Baraby.


The King being satisfied that the Kingdom will be properly represented, orders that Baraby be given 500 dollars in expense money and a one way ticket to Hawaii. Further, reservations at the Honolulu Motel 6 are made in Baraby's name should he somehow escape this event with his life. So far, the gambling dens of the Kingdom are giving him good odds due to his somewhat inconceivable escape from Terror Mountain and other awful places. 

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Martina McInnis arrived in Hawaii with her bodyguard - having heard of the bombings that had heard in the Pacific of late - and made her way first to her hotel, putting her things away, and from there to the Convention Center, where she prepared to be bored out of her mind. For his part, her bodyguard was tall and silent and had the look of someone who would much rather be anywhere else but at while he was here he'd enjoy the view.

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Napoleon Seleselle arrived at the conference, the most minor diplomat they could find willing to go on this mission. They were paying him exhorborant amounts of money, if he were to survive he would never have to work again. But with events in the Pacific, that wasn't a sure thing.

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A message would be sent to Honolulu:


"Unfortunately the designated and honored Italian official designated to attend has become gravely ill and all other diplomats are unworthy to attend such an important gathering."

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Henlifei Leilang would be in attendance, as, despite a mounting crisis, it had been Imperialism which had produced said crisis. As such, China was very ambivalent to participate, given both how the matter factored into the foreign policy of China and how in the past Hawaii hadn't been the greatest of partners to deal with.


For the most part, she'd be her own bodyguard, having studied various martial arts and posessing a cool chinese fan.

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Private Baraby walks into the conference room and makes directly for the wet bar. He gets himself a double of something alcoholic and then makes like a guided missile for the buffet line. After draining his drink and charging a plate, he returns to the wet bar and gets two more doubles of something alcoholic. He isn't sure about the vintage of the liquor, but the taste seems reminiscent of shoe polish. It could well be some sort of Italian varnish remover, he just isn't sure.  


Still, he's a long serving member of the Legion, and Legionnaires don't whine about booze. 


They just drink till its gone or they are dead.

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Ruriko Ayabe would be the Japanese delegate, trained as a diplomat this would be her first foreign adventure, the Hawaiian were allegedly irrational, the recent war sparked between the Phillippines and Hawaii had left the Japanese Foreign Ministry not very willing to send a traditional diplomat, she just hoped she was not on a suicide mission.


After she had arrived in Hawaii and put her belongings into her room she would enter the room, the smell of the Russian observer's pipe filling the air. She looked with disdain upon the fact there was a Chinese delegate, but this was not a time for their own squabbles, she found herself at the bar ordering whatever shoe polish Private Baraby was having.

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"M'lady, the peanut butter and jam is quite good," muttered Private Baraby to the Ms. Ayabe as he ate and drank. At some point he hoped this party would get started or he was going to need to take matters into his own hands. "Go go girls, needs more go go girls," he complained to himself as he stared mindlessly off into space with a smear of peanut butter on his face and a half full glass of shoe polish in his hand. 

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Meanwhile in the Countryside, Captain Hawaii aka Jonah Kanahele finally has time to visit his daughter... and the rest of the fambamz




Jonah Kanahele had just driven out to his side of the island for a little bit of R&R, despite the anti-imperialist conference tonight. At first he felt a litt guilty leaving the conference unguarded, but the President had assured him that they would have the situation under control. It was definitely great to breathe the fresh air of the country again, a countryside that again belonged to his people.


As he turned into the cul-de-sac where his daughter lived with his family, he was surprisingly greeted by a corner party full of about 30 family members and friends from around the neighborhood. As he stepped out of his car in front of the house the whole crowd let out a cheer. He grasped his old friend Joseph's hand and embraced. Not long ago they had fought together in a brutal war of independence against Chinese remnants, but while Jonah would go on into leadership, Joseph was content to relax and retire after the victory.


"Brah, where you been Jonah? You been hanging out with da haoles too much ah?"


Jonah replied "Naw bro, you know me, you can take da local out of Hawaii but you cant take Hawaii out of da local. But how you guys know I was goin come back tonight?"


"Brah no worry cuz, just coz you one super secret agent doesnt mean we dont get connections too. But come check us out, get choke solid music on under da tent, come have some green bottles wit me"


"Yeah I can hear um all da way over here, but eh I check you out after I goin see my daughter first"


"Oh rajah my braddah she stay inside da house with grandma"


Jonah went inside the house and found his seven year old daughter inside, the girl was smart enough to figure out that he was on his way with the partying outside despite the family trying to keep it a surprise. Despite this, her eyes lit up with excitement as her father walked in through the door... in plain shorts and t-shirt of course.




Jonah scooped up his daughter and gave her a big hug


"Dad, where have you been all this time???"


"Daddy's been busy babygirl negotiating with the imperialists to keep us free. Have you been studying hard in school?"


"Yeah Daddy, I got all A's in the last exam. The teacher says I might be able to go to the Specialist Schools if I keep this up!"


"That's a good girl, I always knew you were smarter than your parents..."

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