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  1. (So I wrote this whole big post and it evidently decided not to send, so, I'll be redoing that sometime soon.)
  2. Anonymous Qatari politician: "Cool story bro."
  3. Californian. Not that he's likely to accept.
  4. Snooty condescension doesn't make you any more mature than someone who curses like a sailor.
  5. Oh stop whining. You're being immensely childish right now and it's extremely unbecoming. You keep trying to use OOC justifications for IC demands/actions, and I'll have you remember that that is entirely against the rules. Alvonia's not going to be like "Oh, these people invading us did some nice things for us in the past, better roll over and let them walk all over us." It's ridiculous, and Zoot is correct. As I had stated previously, your idea of compromise is "I get everything I want and you get nothing. Deal?" and that's !@#$%^&*. Besides which, I think you're missing the fact that Alvonia just won, so your assertion that there was no hope of that is kind of self defeating isn't it? But go ahead, didn't get your way so you're going to leave the RP, how original.
  6. There's tube artillery with ranges out to 50 km. If they've got the really, really long range artillery there's a good chance that they could hit Vienna with it.
  7. It's your currency, it could be 1000:1 if you wanted!
  8. Allow me to enumerate why you're wrong. 1a) Your protectorate doesn't have the requisite troops to prevent someone rolling in it, this number being 75,000. I don't know the size of Rudy's forces ,but I do know that if Alvonia wants their land back that Rudy probably won't try to stop them. 2a) Furthermore, the protectorate is not established as per Markus' contesting of it. Just to cut you off, there's nothing in the rules that states one must have any portion of the map painted to maintain forces or contest incidents. 1b) This is an IC concern, if Alvonia wants their stuff back by way of treaty ,there's nothing in the rules that says "no." 2b) See 1a above. 3b) You're accusing me of OOC/IC crossing. Frankly I don't give a single fuck whether this goes on. Your point, furthermore, is entirely irrelevant. 4b) Your idea of compromise is "Give up and we'll occupy you just as we planned previously." That is not a compromise. Look in the mirror next time you say you're not willing to play with someone who won't compromise. Also. Terrorists? Only one side is firing rockets into a densely populated area. The other hasn't engaged in anything approaching terrorism.
  9. Because the rules are shoddy and there's nothing, at this point, that's keeping him from rolling back into AT LEAST the majority of his territory, as the majority of it is not in conflict and it's been more than two weeks since he left his nation, so he fulfills the requisites for rerolling. And finally, of three dicks, he's at least not the worst, so y'all can't even try to pull that card.
  10. Equally annoying, which only makes its use all that much worse about half the time.
  11. The more I hear the word "Hegemony" the more it annoys me.
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