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  1. Please remove Italy from the map due to unforeseen RL problems.
  2. "By the power vested in my in me by God, I confirm your claim to the throne and declare you Queen Abigail Orleans, sovereign of Snow Heaven and protector of the realm."
  3. The Pope would finally begin the coronation ceremony. Pope Paul VII would turn to the princess and ask in a very serious tone, "Princess Abigail Orleans, it is your birthright to claim the throne of Snow Haven. Do you claim the throne?"
  4. After all the guests arrived at the palace, His Holiness Pope Paul VII would appear in front of the gathered assembly. An official would ask all to please take their seats, as the coronation was about to begin. Pope Paul VII would wait for the princess to get to her place.
  5. I nominate bones wizard and Pongoz.
  6. THE HOLY SEE His Holiness Pope Paul VII would depart Vatican City and fly to Snow Haven with a small staff and a contingent of Swiss Guards. Once the jet touched down at a nearby airport, the Pope would be driven to a residential building being used as the temporary quarters of the pontiff. Lt. Col. Gabriel Estermann would be the Commander of the Swiss Guard force in Snow Haven, tasked by the Pope to defend the Princess at all costs. The Swiss Guards would be dispatched to the location of the Princess and remain with her for the time being. After Pope Paul VII had time to relax and prepare for the coronation ceremony, he would take a car to the palace and wait for everyone to get to their places. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Republic of Italy would send Chancellor of Exterior Cristiano Rosetta to the ceremony.
  7. "The Republic of Italy votes AYE on both memberships."
  8. "The Republic of Italy recognizes the Persian Empire."
  9. "The Republic of Italy recognizes Lesotho."
  10. "The Repbulic of Italy recognizes Novak."
  11. "The Republic of Italy recognizes the new government."
  12. "The Republic of Italy recognizes the Ukraine."
  13. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED: The Italian Armed Forces have been lowered to DEFCON 4 in relation to Eastern Europe. Italian airpace is open once again and the majority of the central government has returned to Rome. Eurofighter Typhoons will continue to patrol the airspace per peacetime protocols.
  14. "The Republic of Italy recognizes the sovereignty and independence of Carthage. As a fellow neighbor of the Mediterranean we hope our two nations may establish diplomatic relations as soon as possible."
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