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Proposal to add nukes to the military exchange


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problem: all but 3 of the nations in CNRP are currently unable to build nuclear weapons due to the UN resolution, as such that is wasted statistics we are unable to transfer to IC.

solution: add nukes to our military exchange we already passed.


based on eva's suggestion:


20/30 Mt (1 nuke) =10 k soldier = 500 tanks = 10kt of shipping = 5 squadrons


if you have a better suggestion for translation, feel free.

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20 Mt =10 k soldiers etc.


Double the amount of nukes. This way, exchanging the whole load of your average 400 Mt arsenal earns you 200 k soldiers, or 200 kt of shipping, 10k tanks or 100 squads of aircraft.


Since nukes can be whatever size you want them to be, I think IG nukes should be used for numbers rather than yield.

We use yield, because you get 20 Mt of yield per IG nuke, thanks to rule change <_<

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While I like the idea I'm not sure how I feel about going with megatonnage versus just amount of ig nukes.  If we go with that then someone with all the nuke multipliers could convert all of it into 750,000 soldiers which seems a bit extreme to me.  With IG nukes it seems a bit less excessive at 250,000 men but on the other hand all the other conversions are based on after multipliers so I don't know.  Personally I don't really care either way, just showing the pros and cons for each.

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