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  1. Xena of Amphipolis

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Moderation would like to take this opportunity to remain all of you that references to a certain part of the male anatomy and in particular certain uses of said part are inappropriate for this forum. Moderation would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is, and always has been, a PG rated venue. If you cannot manage to insult each other without having your post auto censored or censored by the Mods, perhaps you should rephrase your words. Now DeathAdder, you can go back to explaining to The Zigur why he ignored good advice (or whatever it was that he did) and leave the Mods' name out of it.
  2. Xena of Amphipolis

    Discord Free Speech Zone and Bill of Rights

    We are still talking about CN Radio here, correct? Because this thread is treading very close to closure.
  3. Xena of Amphipolis

    PLZ TRADE WITH ME(I have uranium and marble).

    Transported as if by the gods to the proper place on the forums.
  4. Xena of Amphipolis

    Ya Another Declare

    You know what is even more fun? Reading the Forum Rules. Some of you have been here long enough that you should be able to quote them back to me without looking them up, but still you violate them. Dial it down a bit.
  5. Xena of Amphipolis

    A Few Announcements from the Bunker

    It is good when threads stay on topic. This one stopped somewhere on page 1. It is therefore closed.
  6. Xena of Amphipolis

    Rest in peace Keelah

    Keelah recruited me personally to be a mod. I will miss his patience, his sense of humor, his encouragement, and his quick wit. This is indeed a tremendous loss.
  7. Xena of Amphipolis

    @ Methrage

      That will be quite enough of this.
  8. Xena of Amphipolis

    Cowards And Pussies. Ppo Kashmir And "protection" Alliance

    It is also locked.
  9. Xena of Amphipolis

    Together As One Communique

      How about you all go get some fresh air and come back and try to keep it IC in this section of the forums and stop discussing moderation issues?  Warns have already been issued and more will be issued if you cannot figure it out.
  10. Xena of Amphipolis

    A Valentine from TPF

          Thanks for your advice.  
  11. Xena of Amphipolis

    The Codex Imperium

    It was 8 times and now can we perhaps move along the conversation?
  12. Xena of Amphipolis

    SNX-Animalz Agreement

        Hey, "bro", how about both of you step away from the OOC banter and keep things on topic?
  13. Xena of Amphipolis

    Swingers be swingin'.

    Before we get too far off the topic of the thread and this becomes an advertisement for relationship counseling, I will advise everyone that there is a topic here, they should stick to it, and if that is a problem, aversion therapy in the form of warns will be given.
  14. Xena of Amphipolis

    OoT/aNiMaLz NAP

    I realize that some of you may have been intoxicated with spirits after the recent Saturnalia celebrations, but this thread went straight into the gutter. Locked and some of you should count yourselves lucky that warns were not issued.
  15. Xena of Amphipolis

    Together As One Communique

      Thank you for the holiday wishes.  I see no reason to close the thread at this time.