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  1. Well at least kudos to the brave soldier who operated 2239 tanks in battle and won congrats. he must be well trained in multi task tank driving.
  2. You are in the wrong, there is a big different between constructive criticism and provocative insults, and not for the first time. This is as if I came into a room, said hi to a dude, then some other guy who i did not talk to starts yelling out insults at me from across the room. It is exactly how it went down. this isn't diplomacy. and yes it is comparable to the situation with terminator, junka insulted a member of NpO which NpO did not take lightly and felt it has to act, GK did the same.
  3. yeah, well, your shorts are very nukable, we couldn't stop our self that is how it happend. don't drag sexual assault victims into this, they have been through enough. I went into a channel, said hi, they asked who the $%&@ are you, I told them, and that was all I wrote there. Your Idiot leader then lashed out with insults at us, we can't solve it with diplomacy everytime he starts talking !@#$. pretty sure if Junka is doing the same stupid thing you would support a war against SNX becuase of it........oh wait Deja Vu
  4. down declare, how dare you?! I cannot believe it, this is classic defcon 1 you guys are allied to those other guys.... etc all the formal complaints.
  5. Late response, no one cares....Been working all week. I think this Milo guy is also an idiot, espically when he is talking about free speech standing next to sign of your "baby in chief" a guy who is to free speech what fox news is to news . your clown in office keeps attacking the free press, and anyone who criticizes him, and no, america is not great its not even good, europe is better. "socialists, leftests and black life matters philosophy are responsible for more suffering than any other political philosophy in the HISTORY of our species" one word:HITLER!! and then throwing this "second amendmend" !@#$%^&* at he end, as if the government decided to do something about your free speech you're rifle will help defend it..........go tell that to syria, libya and yemen, you think the saudis are unarmed? I do not believe a word he is saying about the UK. but this is not our topic, you get enough of this from me on your channel. while I do not agree that NpO should have hit SNX because you insulted terminators wife on discord, I understand why they did it. I do not think you are entitled to free speech on the global arena of CN since this is a politcs game, the OWF and sometimes Discord are a way of diplomacy, your statements represent your alliance to some level espically if you are gov sometimes even when they are unrelated non CN statements you can still drag your alliance into war. I do not think you could complain about that, because you intentionally provoke and insult people, you can't call that free speech. even in my case on this thread against GK where I had no intention of getting FTW involved and my complaint had nothing to do with CN my alliance got dragged into it a bit, while I do not like it, I get it, and you should get it too.
  6. achh, classic Defcon one, down declaring without stats in the DoW.....also we all miss cazaric, if you don't, you lie and of course, RE are supporting their allies Defcon 1, you guys should call yourself Defcon 2, I hate you hitchcock... boy, this brings back memories
  7. I'm not sure comparing your channel to Fox News is valid, there is no one on fox news telling them that that the bull feces they spray on people is bull extrements (my appologies to bulls for the offence). also, fair, balanced, voice of the people.......I have nothing against your channel, it is actually a channel for free speech and all those attributes may apply to it, but Fox news is to news what diarrhea is to a healthy meal.
  8. good, it's finally over, I'm gonna go have some wine.
  9. Have you seen the pictures he posted? I stand by that . Thanks for your opinon of my AA. fun fact, some of those 8 wars were just xp raids. I'm flattered that you have read all my OWF posts, but I'm not flattered to remind somebody of an Amazon product, I've always felt a Linux product. Am I a nobody because of my OWF posts? or is there another difenition of a nobody? and what makes you a somebody? So, I defend Junka for rightly baning you from his server, and if you are dumb enough to take it as a real life threat , I threaten you IRL (or expressed my desire to hit you on the head with a hammer for the pictures you posted), instead of attacking me back you respond by attacking 104 members of FTW? you're so stupid you might become the next US president PS. I did not say anything about Cobra, neither will I.
  10. let me just make sure I understand this correctly, you're saying I should defend the statement that "junka was right in baning you from his discord server for posting defecation porn" by declaring war on you in cybernations? if yes, you're not even in my range, also I usually don't enjoy fighting little weaklings. or are you saying I should defend that statement by draggin FTW into an alliance war with Cobra? and what does this have to do with honor? how exactly is it more honorable to declare war in CN than posting a statement on the OWF?
  11. Awww, are you so obsessed with me that you are looking up my history on some tool? I know we Tyroshi men are so pretty, I just did not know we were that pretty:) I fought most of my wars over on TE. and I defened whoever I want to defend, now scurry away, roach.
  12. No, i disagree with that, when did i say that I agreed with that?
  13. I disagree with what junka did to MainGOP, Main is a cool guy and junka was wrong to do what he did to him. but GK, I saw the pictures you posted, not only do you deserve a ban, if I find your address I'll come over and hit you on the head with a hammer so hard that Thor would be like "dude, chill!". I disagree with junka on almost everything , constantly make fun of what he posts, and call his fox news !@#$%^&* what it is, call him an idiot and insult almost all his beliefs. you have to give it to the guy, he never tried to censor me.
  14. May Odin grant you wisdom, you !@#$@#$ idiot.
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