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  1. This screams " projecting my own issues... drama... and delusions" to me.. but then again I hear a lot of screaming in my head sometimes... maybe you do too? If so.. may I offer some wise words? Stop listing to the voices in your head and maybe try listing to the voices that you use to call friends 😏 P.s. ... you are no longer even IN cobra.. what are you talking about????
  2. I love short and sweet announcements this time of year 😍
  3. hey nerd.. i miss you

    1. RoadRash


      hey sweetheart how the hell are you …… 


      hope all is good 

    2. coldielox


      I am okay thanks, how about yourself??

    3. RoadRash


      all good and pretty much the more things change the more it stays the same ……   I’m the same just a little older and a bit slower :D 

  4. im spamtafical thanx :D

  5. an how might you be?

  6. [quote name='Demag' timestamp='1341206983' post='3001627'] Hi coldie. Anyway sad disbandment is sad. [/quote] DEMAG wow i havent seen you in ages <3 howdy.. come find me on irc!! <3 [quote name='Spaarlaamp' timestamp='1341210590' post='3001670'] Hey Barti and Coldie! Good run [/quote] ohai sparrrrrr <3 an thanx.. wasent really so much a run as.. we coulda kept on keepin on, but im too busy working an planning a wedding, an hes just too busy tryin to get back here.. so yea a run but yet not maybe another time maybe not.. i personally have always been in love with goons, an now that im here.. i just keep finding more an more to love, so yea. [quote name='Captain Spock' timestamp='1341240447' post='3001779'] Coldie Best of luck to you [/quote] SPOCK!!! im on irc again darlin
  7. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1341199142' post='3001519'] Are you sure you can protect T5E whilst simultaneously engaging CSN in battle? Hohoho. [/quote] this question has been asked over an over since we declared our creation.. learn a new way to poke fun ? seeing as how they have yet to not protect whomever they say they will.. maybe try another weakness.. or ya know just move on not everyone can be as superior as goons
  8. congrats baby <3 best wishes for the next 3 years
  9. [quote name='deth2munkies' timestamp='1323676837' post='2875031'] The coldie hungers [/quote] dat i do long time no see <3 \o GOONS \o T5E
  10. just dandelicious.. you?

  11. 'ello mr krath sir

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