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  1. Everything from Hopedale and North has been given to the Bear Islands while the rest of the republic can just vanish from the map. Thanks http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119893-the-press-of-republic-of-labrador/?hl=labrador http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119943-first-nations-peace-and-cooperation-summit/
  2. Land Up - The Government of Labrador has given everything from Hopedale and Up has been given to the Bear Islands Nation for we fell as if they understand the Natives and the Culture better along with the fact that the Natives seem to be more friendly with the Bear Nations Folks than us.
  3. I, Chief Sleeping Bear would like to give you Hopedale and all land north of it for you seem to be fair people and you understand the native culture better then the temporary White Folk lead government. This has been approved by President John O'Leary if you are wondering. Enjoy our gift. Chieffess and I along with our children are very happy to be part of your nation now. OOC: Yes I am giving land to the Bear Island's Nation
  4. TO: The Ministry of Defense of Ireland FROM: The Temporary Government of Labrador SUBJ: Military Acquisitions No thanks,If you are not willing to do military related business with us then we see no need to do business with your nation.
  5. The Republic of Labrador recognizes the kingdom of Iceland and wishes it the best on the world stage.
  6. TO: The Ministry of Defense of Ireland FROM: The Temporary Government of Labrador SUBJ: Military Acquisitions We are sorry for that. It was a false alert based on rumors which obviously was not a wise idea. We would like to apologize to the Nation of Ireland for this blunder. We wish you the best as a nation and hope that you do reconsider our request. Thank you
  7. I honestly don't care, Shammy can insert his troops if he wishes
  8. Its not forgetting, Its choosing to do better things
  9. Forces have been moved to DEFCON 1 and Threat Level :High , Been positioned through Labrador and the Coast Line.
  10. Wonderful, We shall send over Chief Sleeping Bear and his family consisting of Chiefess Wandering Dog, His Daughter Cunning Cheetah, and his Son Walking Fox. Thank you once again and we wish you and your nation the best of luck.
  11. ***Private to the Bear Islands Nation*** The Republic of Labrador is quit upset that we were not invited to this glorious event even though we do harbor quit a few Inuit along with many other native tribes along with the fact that we were the first and currently only nation which has recognized you. End Transmission from the President of the Republic of Labrador
  12. The Republic of Labrador, recognizes the bear island nation and wishes it the best
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