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Judgements Pt.3 (21-30)

Rush Sykes



Here we go

Pax Corvus - Um who??? Seriously, I dont even know who you are. Are you neutral?

TPF- Puzzling. But what nobody can say about you is that you jump to winning sides on a whim. IRON could learn a few things, sadly they will not. I spent so long hating you guys, its hard to let go of, and I am not sure if I am capable of it. But I at least respect you. So it's a start. Much like my alliance, our better days are probably behind us, it does not, however, make us not useful.

GOONS - For the most part, I love you guys. I think having Marx as your loudest voice right now, does your alliance a disservice, as he lacks the tact needed to see handle allies effectively. Sardonic is the best of the best, in GOONS, and in this game. You guys strive to create peace-time drama, and for that you make peace time more bearable. Much like MK, those who want you gone, do not realize exactly what it is this community would lose if that happened.

VE - Pretenders to the throne. Always overestimating either how big they are, or how big the pond they play in is. Completely unable to build bridges, rather relying on others to build the bridges, then hitchhiking along for the ride. Unable to weigh bravery with strategy. You could use a little more flexibility, rather than just trying to live off the masses who say "well at least they went all out." All of that being said, the game is better off with you, than without you.

GLOF - I really do not know enough about you to form an opinion. By all observances, you seem to function as an added military arm of IRON. Let's see if that changes when winter thaws into spring.

MCXA - Almost as useless as a neutral. You really neither add anything to the game, nor do you strive you. The best than can be said about you , unlike others who fit your mold, is at least you dont think you are a big fish in a small pond. You seem to be content with who and what you are in terms of the overall game, and that, in and of itself, puts you ahead of alot of the other useless alliances.

FAN - Are you guys even there? Seriously.

TLR- for obvious reasons, I will skip this one.

Nordreich - Forever wrestling with that pesky OOC-IC line. Allegations of racism and white supremacy. Not completely unfounded, we all saw the sheer # of 88's that were in the names of your members over the years. You beg the community the question... do we as a community get outraged over something that has nothing to do with the game, or do we say ... its just a game. I dont have, or offer an answer, I simply do not care. In game, you have never crossed me. So for this, I cannot feign IC rage at your alliance. I do, however, offer up that your best days are long over, and suggest that merging somewhere or dissolving might be a better option for everyone in your alliance.

NADC - An absolute joke of an alliance. With even bigger jokes as members. Gleefully at this moment, sucking off the TOP teat, thinking in the back of your heads that they really do respect you and they really do appreciate your "sacrifice" on their behalf. It fits in with what you have always been, and always will be. A pawn of the powers that be in whatever sphere you park yourself in.



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I'm flattered you regard me as the best of the best, but I think you should give Marx a little more credit, he posts a bit rough at times, but GOONS is unquestioningly better off for his help in running the alliance.

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Pax Corvus is neutral. If you don't know anything of them you're truly missing on something.

I definitely agree on your opinion on Sard: he's one of the best players in the whole game.

As for people wanting the GOONS (and/or the MK) "gone": AFAIK people would like to keep the game-related drama, but not at the cost of having to bear RL-related crap, and - if the two can't be separated - they'd rather get rid of both.

I personally disagree with that analysis as I maintain that individuals, not alliances, should be held responsible for RL-related offenses, but I acknowledge that it's definitely not an issue of "not realizing what they'd lose". They do realize it very well and there's in fact a specific part they want to lose.

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