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Giving Thanks...

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There come those moments where you realize you haven't really said thank you to those people you have befriended over the years, that you take many for granted and there are others you've never said the things you meant to.

DVD FinsterBaby, Friffon, Shah, Shan, and rest of IRON govt who I love- I've enjoyed this last year with you all. Not all of you were IRON govt when I became govt but all in all, you've made being HoFA worth it. I've seen so many friendships strengthened because of this. I've gotten to know IRON because of all of you and it has only made me come to love and support IRON.

peron- you being the youngest of IRON govt has given me something similar and I've enjoyed that a ton. Your friendship is definitely something I always been grateful for during difficult times.

mhawk - as much as you love to threaten me with EZI... I've definitely had fun times with you and being beaten by chess of course when I have no idea how to play.

Desperado, as much as you give me a hard time whenever you can, I've always respected you and enjoyed your banter.

Airikr- I didn't meet you until you rose to TPF govt but I have been friends with you ever since and it is people like you who make this game worth playing.

NAH- as much as you pick on me and are in general annoying, I do have to give you props for being an awesome diplomat.

Moo- You've been fun to talk to for the last... six months? Probably been more than that by now, I can always say that I enjoy your chats as silly as they've been. It is a relief from being TOOL's HoFA. We've had some good discussion seriously and I've learned some things from you. Your company has always been amusing even if you do spam me to talk on Skype! (That was annoying and you know it). You're a good person even if you pout about me just saying you're weird. You're fun to talk to when you respond and *tips Moo $100000* plus you like that other game so I can't pick on you too much when you're one of the few that understand. So here to many more months of random chats, some serious that make me glad I random queried you all those months ago.

Vektor- I've known you a year and thanks for being a crazy person, easy to pick on but fun to hang out with.

Triyun- you're fun to get to know the silly side of and been fun to hang out with and have been a good person to pick on when I need to.

Psweet- as much as you cause weird debates and love to push my buttons, thanks for being an active IRC person in #Tool and an awesome diplomat.

Fake SK- thanks for teaching me how annoying people can be and being fun to pick on and being a good sport.

Calderone- as much as you love to call me a tyrant, I've always respected you and I always will.

Ejay- thanks for being fun to talk to, even if you push my buttons sometimes and out argue me on issues that make me want to run you over with a car.

Kharn- thanks for being a smart aleck in #tool so long ago.

Biek- thanks for making me lose a trade for 3 days and being fun to chat to.. when you actually bother to respond to me. D:

Boris- you've always been a smart aleck but amusing to talk to. A good friend.

Grundig- You've been a long time person I worked with during various times and I appreciate that.

Dumarest- thanks for all the help during SNOW days and WAPA.

Zenith- thanks for being a help and trying to do your best with it.

Tyga- even if you gave me hard times in the past, you've definitely been fun to hang out with, even that idea for the cabbage head.

Uhtred- same as Tyga except I love picking on you too much even if you always do give back what you get.

Tromp- you've been a good ear for as long as I've known you though I must say you're annoying at times.

Mortale & Avenger- you're both awesome but Avenger is annoying when he tries to do what he knows.. Mortale you've been been awesome the entire time I've known you.

Chimaera- you've been cool and thanks to your excellent IRC channel, my FA interest peaked 2 years ago kept me interested. So thanks for that and for being a good friend.

Quaddy- you're an awesome friend even if you are a hamster and rather irritating when mass spamming TOOL's embassy and trying to steal TOOL members. :P

Adrian- get over it, we love you and you will be huggled.

Canik- You're a great leader and friend.

Turetel- what to say? I've trusted you since I met you, that is rare in this game. YOu've always been there when I needed an ear and always been dependable as a dreidel.

Clash- you're just you.. which is a good thing.

Janax- I love you even if you seem to hate everything. You're a person I've had interesting talks with and someone I like talking to even if you're hard to read at certain moments. I've respected you and like you.

Shurukian- you're a good friend, always there when need an ear, fun to hang out with, and a sane girl in this game! Always welcomed.

Sky- you've been a diplomat to TOOL from your Valhallan days, and been an awesome person. You're fun, you're friendly and a great person.

Tilly... you're just you. :|

Timberland, thank you for befriending and being so welcome over a random query. o/

TheBigBad, you were the first TPF govt I met and thanks for being friendly to me. It gave me a great start as HoFA and made me enjoy this game from both sides.

Watcher- I still thank you for being an awesome Legionnaire even if you are econ...

DarkFox- I love tearing you away from your X-Box, you made me fall in love with UCN and with you for being an a great person.

Jbone- you're awesome, you give away hints about evil TPF govt changing my posts and you've been always great to talk to plus fun.

TheAut- thanks for annoying me and generally just trying to highlight me all the time! It is clearly awesome.

bzelger- you're a great friend and rather silly.. but still fun even if you do act my age. :P

Delta- you're an awesome person. I've enjoyed my chats with you, you're a friendly person, you give me a break from the seriousness of CN and allow me to relax. You make an escape where others are all serious. You're fun to talk to and a great person. You make great posts and I respect you by far.

Coursca- you taught me a great deal about FA, you made me trust people in a world that is hard to trust anyone, you gave me a great start and you given me a shoulder to lean on when I need to. I'll never forget the moments you've been there for me and will be there for me in the future. thanks for being a true friend.

Heft- you've given me confidence and been the annoying PITA that a person needs to get started when they're knocked off balance in a tough situation. So thanks for that.

Baka- you're awesome, fun to pick on, weird voice on Skype sometimes, you're fun to hang out with and fun to talk with.

LordValleo- thanks for sharing something in common, being there to talk to and just being in general fun.

QH, Buffalo, MG, you've always been there for me and I wouldn't be here without your friendship. YOu're some of the people who brought me here and inspired me to join. You have made it easy in the hard times, been there when I needed a shoulder. You went on my first rogue and been there when I've been weakened in moments I've lost myself. YOu've always been there when I needed someone to listen to me and just hug me. There are moments that you are lost and you discover your true friends, you are among those who answered that call. And I can never say thank you enough.

Jelly doughnut- I hate the food but I like you. You've been a good friend and a good face for CCC. You even have my other contact that most people don't. You're a good listener and fun to talk to.

Boxer Boy- I met you during Karma and always admired your posts from afar. You've been nothing but a good sport since I've known you. You've been respectable, a real model of what people should be like. A good sport and I can only say that I have only but the best respect for you. I've enjoyed my talks with you and you've always been friendly.

Gopher- you're a credit to this community, you've always been a friendly person and a great person to talk to. You do a lot of work with the sanction race and are great to talk to. Plus you're pretty funny too.

Hubb- you're annoying, you make me want to hurt you because you won't let me say that I am not known which is totally unfair. You're annoyingly persistent and fun to talk to...

SeipherCaim- I love talking to you, have had some good chats withy ou and here is to more in the future more frequently. :)

dio- you're an orangey bouncy ball who everyone loves. You give a lot and thanks for being in Argent and being awesome. You're a good person with a funny accent.

Poobah- it is always your fault.

godfather- you've been a source of interesting talks, you were a great person to meet when I diplomated to Umbrella, helped start my FA career, you've been a good talk on the way to the bus during my sophomore year. I know we haven't talked a lot but I still consider you a friend.

Jyrinx- you're being pounded by snow as much as I am, I've had several good talks with you, you've always bee a great ear and a great friend. So thanks for that.

Site- you already know what I'd say to you. :)

Skull- you're an absolute amazing guy, even if sarcastically annoying at times. So kudos to you.

Straylight- you're an absolutely amazing diplomat and keep up the good work. You're fun to have around!

WorldConquerer- I enjoy your chats in #tool when you pay attention and your manner on TOOL forums it is definitely worthy of a diplomat plus you're a pretty cool dude.

Gearhead- Thanks for being around TOOL's channel and never talking rarely.

EmperorOfCheese- You're a boatload of fun to hang out with and serious when you need to be. You're the right combination and you get a lot of respect from me for that. Especially for marrying Elderon!

Neo- I haven't talked to you many times but I definitely like you and you seem very intelligent and friendly.

Shodemofi- I am sure I messed up the spelling of your name but you've been great to talk to and hang around #tool. You're always welcome there and you've been a great friendly face that I've enjoyed in the past.

SupremeGuru- You're fun to talk to as well when invading the channel. Thanks for being a great fun face. :D

Legion-X- I only met you recently but you've been a great face of how honorable people can behave even when at war. You're a friendly face and great to speak to even if we meet during less than ideal times. Thanks for being an outstanding person to speak with.

TOP- you're a Jew like me, you're awesome and annoying all the same time. :wub:

Zbhedee- I don't know you well but you seem to be a kind hearted person with a good head on his shoulders and a bright person. So kudos to you.

Arentak- you were in TOOL for a long while, you had great ideas, contributed a ton, were great to work alongside with all that time ago. Even though it was a long time ago, I sill respect you for everything you gave and your dedication.

Lizzard- You're annoying, you're a Dutchie, I still love you somehow despite it all, you're a great friend, great to talk to, even if rather orangeish. You're also a very kind person.

Popsies you're an awesome person, great at giving ice cream, I wish you were around more often and hung out. I miss the days of us chatting daily. You're a friendly person that I love to hang out with.

Schmuttee693- you did so much for me during SNOW and I appreciate it so much. I've grown to know you as a friend during those months and you amazed me. Thanks for so much help and for being an amazing person.

And that is all I can think of for now. (TOOLies get their own on TOOL forums so no u).

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Thanks Mia, even if I was edited in as an afterthough. :P


I'm not silly though. -_-

Oh come on, you try to remember all the people you've met over 2 years! You would have a hard time too.

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Hey, I never tried to recruit anybody! And you know you guys like the spam. :D I'd like to add that you guys have sent us some great diplomats and have quite a few members I enjoy talking to.

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Lack of Jyrinx makes me sad :(

Just kidding of course, remembering everyone that's mattered to you is really hard when there's so many of them, heh.

:wub: Mia

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