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Lurking beneath the waters is that danger you never wish to face,

It is waiting to reach out and strike you down faster than you can blink,

You walk side by side, trying to avoid it, but it follows you as a shadow,

It is always in the back of your mind, always there behind you,

It weighs down on you completely and entirely,

Something always waiting around the bend, waiting to strike,

And yet how do you keep the light to yourself?

How do you keep on chugging up that hill?

Knowing it is lurking around the corner?

There is always going to be something around that corner.

The light, the darkness, the sun or the moon,

I don't know and I cannot tell you what it means,

There is always going to be something trying falling to pieces.

How to keep on going, how to keep on chugging,

Cannot tell you a lie that it will be okay because I don't know.

Only that you have to keep n going because there has to be something worth it.

I just haven't found that worth it yet but I will.

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