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      Cyber Nations Forum Rules   07/03/2016

        Cyber Nations Forum Rules  
      In the process of registering on this forum, all players--including you--agreed to accept these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of Invision Power Board. In doing so you essentially signed an electronic contract pledging to have read the rules and TOS and agreeing to follow the rules and TOS as written. It is your continued responsibility to read, follow, and keep up-to-date with the CN rules.
      The following are basic guidelines for use of the Cyber Nations community forum. Anyone caught disobeying these guidelines will be issued a warning. The forum staff works on a five warn limit policy unless the situation calls for more appropriate action ranging from a verbal warning to a double warn and suspension to an immediate ban, etc.   Just because something is not listed specifically here as illegal does not mean it's allowed. All players are expected to use common sense and are personally responsible for reading the pinned threads found in the Moderation forum. Questions regarding appropriateness or other concerns can be sent via PM to an appropriate moderator.   A permanent ban on the forums results in a game ban, and vice versa. Please note that the in-game warn system works on a "three strikes you're out" policy and that in-game actions (including warnings and deletions) may not be appealed. For more information regarding in-game rules please read the Cyber Nations Game Rules.   1.) First Warning
      2.) Second Warning
      3.) Third Warning (48 hour suspension at the forum)
      4.) Fourth Warning (120 hour suspension at the forum)
      5.) Permanent Ban   Game Bans and Forum Bans
      If you receive a 100% warn level on the forums, you will be subject to removal from the forums AND have your nation deleted and banned from the game at moderator(s) discretion.   If you are banned in the game, then you will be banned from the forums.   Process of Appeals
      Players may not appeal any in-game actions. This includes cheat flags, canceled trades, content removals, warn level increases, nation deletion, and bans from the game.   Players may appeal individual forum warnings. You may only appeal a warning if you can show with evidence that it was unwarranted or unduly harsh. If a reasonable amount of time has passed (no less than one month and preferably longer) in which you have demonstrated reformed behavior than you may request a warning level reduction. Wasting staff time with inappropriately filed reports and/or unfounded appeals will result in a warn level raise. Repeat incidences will result in a ban from the forum.   Bans are permanent. Banned players may appeal to the Senior Staff if they believe grounds exist (very, very rare) in which they state their case with evidence and why explain why they believe they deserve to be allowed back into Cyber Nations. This process is not quick and the investigation into cases may last three minutes or three weeks or more depending on the individual situation.   The only place where discussion of moderator action is acceptable is in the appropriate Moderation forum. Posting commentary on or disagreement with moderator action elsewhere will result in a warn level raise.   Posting
      All posts must be in English. Common phrases in other languages will be allowed so long as they are translated upon request. Foreign languages are permitted in signatures and avatars, however.   Certain areas of the forum require you to have a nation in either standard CN or CN:TE. If you have...   A SE and a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are allowed to post in either SE or TE areas of the forum. You must have your CN:TE nation name listed in your profile to post in the CN:TE section of the forum.
      Just an SE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your SE nation or ruler name. You are not allowed to post in any TE areas of the forum.
      Just a TE nation: You get one forum account. Your forum account name must match your TE nation name or ruler name. Your must have your CN:TE nation name listed correctly in your profile. You are not allowed to post in any of the SE areas. You are allowed to post in the water cooler, question center and the moderation forums. Other than that, all your posts need to stay in the TE area.   Flame/Flamebait/Trolling
      Flaming is expressing anger or lobbing insults at a person/player rather than a character, post, idea, etc. Flamebait are posts that are made with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking another user into rule-breaking. Trolling is submitting posts with the aim of targeting/harassing/provoking a specific group into rule-breaking. Forum users should not be participating in any of these, and doing so will result in a warning.   Topic Hijacking
      Hijacking is forcing the current thread discussion off of the original topic and usually results in spam or flame from either side. Forum users found hijacking threads will be given a warning.   Repeat Topics
      One topic is enough. Repeat topics will be locked, removed, and the author given a warning. Users found creating repeat topics after others were locked by staff will receive a warn raise.   Joke Topics
      Topics created as a joke are prohibited. Joke topics will be locked and the author warned. This includes topics in which the author is making an announcement “for” another in-game alliance. Humorous threads are permitted; it is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what is merely satire and what is actually a joke topic.   Spam
      Spam is defined as creating posts or topics containing only contentless material of any kind. Users found spamming will receive a warning. Examples include (but are in no way limited to) posts containing nothing but smilies, "+1", "QFT", "this" any other one/few-word contentless combination, joke threads, or posts containing quotes and anything that counts as spam by itself. Adding words to a post with the express intent of avoiding a spam warn will result in a warning. These posts and other similar contributions have no substance and hence are considered spam. Posts of "Ave", "Hail" or any other one word congratulatory type are acceptable as one word posts. Emoticon type posts such as "o/" without accompanying text is still not allowed. Posts containing only images are considered spam, unless the image is being used in the Alliance Politics sub-forum and then the actual text of the image be placed into spoiler tags.   Posting in All Caps
      Posting large amounts of text in capital letters is not permitted. Use discretion when using your caps lock key.   No Discussion Forums
      There are forums that are not for discussion and are used strictly for game and forum staff to address certain issues, bugs, etc. The following forums are not open to discussion: Report Game Abuse, Report Forum Abuse, and Warn/Ban Appeals. Only moderators and the original poster may post in a thread, period, with absolutely no exceptions. Users found disobeying this guideline will receive an automatic warning for each offense.   Moderation Forums
      All Moderation forums also maintain pinned threads clearly marked as required reading before posting. Failure to read and follow required reading and procedure in a Moderation forum will result in a warning. Examples include posting requests in the wrong forum, failure to include all required information in posts, etc. The standard of conduct and enforcement of rules in Moderation forums is strictly enforced and the repercussions for disregarding rules or disrespecting staff are harsh. Read the pinned threads before posting and you will be fine.   Namecalling
      Excessive or unqualified namecalling is not allowed in IC forums; namecalling should also never make up the bulk of a post. Namecalling is prohibited entirely in all OOC forums.   Filtered Words
      Any attempts to evade the word filter will result in a warning. The terms we have filtered are filtered for a reason and no excuse for evasion will be accepted. Filter evasion includes censoring or deliberately misspelling part of a filtered word.   If you link to a website, image, video, etc., containing profanity, please post a disclaimer before the link. The moderation staff may still remove links if the content is deemed too obscene.   Harassment
      Forum users should not be stalking/harassing others on the forums. Anyone found stalking players from topic to topic, etc., will be subject to a warning.   Gravedigging
      Gravedigging is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Gravedigging is "bumping" old topics which haven't been active for quite some time (four to seven days is standard depending on the nature of the thread and how many pages back it had been pushed before bump). Your warn level will be raised if you are caught doing this.   The Suggestion Box and Black Market forums are partial exceptions to this rule. Suggestions/ideas in that forum may be posted in regardless of age PROVIDING that the reviving post contains constructive, on-topic input to the original topic or discussion. Black Market threads may be bumped by the author if there is new information about the offered exchange (i.e open aid slots). In the Player Created Alliances forum it will not be considered gravedigging to bump a topic up to a year old, so long as the alliance in question still exists and it is not a duplicate thread.   Signatures
      Those who fail to read and abide by these rules will have their signatures removed and receive a warning.   You may have only one image per signature which may not exceed the maximum size of 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. You may have no more than 8 lines of text and text size cannot exceed size 4. Each quote-tag, image and empty line count as a line.   Inappropriate Images and Other Disallowed Images
      Images that are sexual in nature or have sexual overtones are prohibited. It is up to the discretion of the moderation staff to determine what constitutes sexual overtones. Depictions of kissing are permissible provided there are no sexual implications. Images depicting female nipples are prohibited outright.   Making “ASCII art” is prohibited regardless of the image depicted.   Using photos or likenesses of another Cyber Nations player is also prohibited.   Drug References
      Images and posts promoting illegal drug use are prohibited. References to drugs are acceptable only if the moderation staff deems that it is not promoting the use thereof.   Obscene Content and/or "Account Suicide"
      Anyone caught posting vulgar material (including but in no way limited to pornography, "gross," "tubgirl," "lemonparty," photos depicting RL illegal acts such as violence towards humans or animals, child pornography, death photos, and any other obscene or offensive material in either text form or picture form) will have their account(s) permanently banned, and their ISP contacted along with any other applicable internet and RL authorities.   OOC Threats / Revealing Personal Information
      An OOC threat of any nature will equate to an automatic ban from the game and forums. Likewise, the publishing of personal information of any other player without their explicit permission is grounds for warning and/or a ban from the game depending on the severity of the offense.   Death Threats / Death Wishes
      A death threat or a death wish of any nature (including but not limited to telling another player to commit suicide) will result in at very least a 40% warn level increase and 2 day suspension from the forums, with harsher punishments, including a complete ban from the forums and game, up to the discretion of the moderation staff.   Quoting Rulebreaking Posts
      Do not quote any post with obscene content or any other content that has to be removed by the moderation staff. Doing so makes it more difficult for the moderation staff to find and remove all such content and will result in a warn level increase. Putting rulebreaking posts of any kind in your signature is prohibited.   Forum Names
      With the exception of moderator accounts, all forum accounts must match up exactly with the ruler name or nation name of your in-game country. Those found not matching up will be warned and banned immediately. Forum account names may not be profane or offensive.   Multiple Forum Accounts
      With the exception of moderators, if you are caught with multiple forum accounts, the multiple account(s) will be banned, warn level raised, and your identity will be announced by a moderator to the CN community so rule-abiding players can take IC action against you. Multiple forum account offenders will receive a varying percentage warn level raise and/or a permanent ban on a case-by-case basis.   Posting For Other Players
      Posting for banned or suspended players is prohibited, as is posting for any person without a nation. This includes making warn and ban appeals on their behalf.   Imitation &. Impersonation
      Imitation in terms of this forum is mimicking the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in an attempt to be satirical or generally humorous. Impersonation in terms of this forum is copying the posting, avatar, or signature styles of another user in order to present the illusion that the person is in fact that user. Imitation is fine and can be quite funny. Impersonation is disruptive and is warnable. Please pay attention to the subtle difference between these two concepts.   A player may not impersonate another player by emulating the characteristics of someone else's past or present account in an attempt to harass, stalk, or flamebait. Creating a new forum account in an attempt to impersonate a standing account will result in deletion and banning without notice.   Any attempt at imitation and/or impersonation of moderators and game staff is strictly prohibited and will be met with harsh repercussions.   Avatars
      Size for avatars is limited by the forum mechanics, therefore there is no size issue for a user to worry about. Avatars must be in good taste, and any avatar containing a picture that is too violent, disgusting, sexually explicit, insulting to another player or staff member, etc. will be removed. Avatars that are potentially seizure inducing will not be permitted. Players may not "borrow" the avatars of any moderator past or present without permission.   Swastikas and Nazi Imagery
      The swastika may not be used in signatures or avatars. Pictures of swastika's are acceptable for use in the In Character (IC) sections of the roleplay forums, so long as its context is In Character, and not Out Of Character. Pictures of Hitler, mentioning of the Holocaust, etc... have no place in the roleplay forums, since these people and events existed in real life, and have no bearing or place in the Cyberverse. Other Nazi or SS imagery is forbidden in all forums.   Moderation Staff
      The revealing of the private identities of any Cyber Nations staffers past or present is strictly prohibited, and thus no speculation/accusation of identity is allowed. Doing so is grounds for moderator action against your account appropriate to the offense, including a full forum/game ban.   Claims of moderator bias should be directed to the highest level of authority--the Head Game & Forum Mod/Admin, Keelah. Claims of moderator bias without supporting evidence is grounds for a warning.   Blatant disrespect of the moderator staff is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to spoofing moderator accounts in any way, sig/avatar references, baiting, flaming, rude demands, mocking, attitude, and unsubstantiated claims of bias. They are volunteers hired to enforce the rules. If you have a problem with the way a moderator is enforcing the rules or the rules themselves please contact Keelah.   Attempting to use the moderation staff as a weapon by abusing the report system in an attempt to get another player warned or banned is strictly prohibited.   Do not ask about becoming or campaign to become a moderator. The moderators are drawn from CN membership but moderation positions are by invitation only. Asking to become one will substantially decrease your chances of ever being asked.   Aiding Rule Violators
      Any user found to know of a serious rule violation without reporting it to a game moderator (eg. knowledge of a user with multiple nations) will be given a warning or, in more serious cases, have their nation deleted.   Aiding Banned Players
      Any user found to be harboring, aiding or otherwise knowingly helping a banned user will be deleted. This includes knowing of their existence within the game without reporting it to the game-moderation staff.   Questionable Actions and Content
      The forum rules are not designed to cover every scenario. Any action that is seen to be counter-productive or harmful to the forum community may be met with moderator action against your account. The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time.   Private Transactions
      Nation selling and other private transactions via such auction sites like eBay is against the Cyber Nations terms and conditions. While our moderators cannot control what people do outside of the game you are not allowed to promote such private exchanges on our forums without expressed permission from admin only. Anyone found to be engaging in such activity without permission will be banned from the game.   Advertising
      Advertising other browser games and forums is prohibited. Soliciting donations towards commercial causes is also prohibited. If you wish to ask for donations towards a charitable cause, please contact a moderator before doing so.   Extorting Donations
      Donations are excluded from any kind of IC payment. Anyone found extorting others for OOC payments will be warned in-game and/or banned.   Third Party Software
      Third party software is not allowed to be advertised on these forums by any means (post, signature, PM, etc). These programs can easily be used to put malware on the user's computer, and as such can cause huge security issues. Anybody who is caught spreading links to these will at the very least have their warning level increased.   Other Forum Terms & Rules   Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Register" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.   Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. USE THE WEB SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will not be liable for any damages for any reason. THIS WEB SITE IS PROVIDED TO YOU "AS IS," WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.   The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this bulletin board. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.   You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.   You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.


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  1. Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I am W_A_R of Vijar. My now fetid corpse was neither corpse or rotting when I started in 31 August 2006 with BoSS. Subsequently of GOLD and CON, I am now in retirement as a Knight of the Order of the Black Rose. I miss many from those early, heady days. Also, I remember some of the posters in this thread.
  2. Panning for Old GOLD

    Hello, Lady Dakota. A pleasure as always. I miss the CyberNations Tea Party. G'day Vlad. I came on with BoSS just as the amalgamations were mooted. I trust you have been keeping things on an even keel.
  3. Panning for Old GOLD

    Yes. Yellow. A FANtastic team at the time. It appears that those that were, are no longer. Sad.
  4. Panning for Old GOLD

    Vladdles was indeed a member of GOLD, as well as several others.
  5. Panning for Old GOLD

    Greetings. Some may recognise my name. This old and often forgetful soul is known as W_A_R of Vijar and while being Knight XXI of the Order of the Black Rose, I have also had the pleasure of being a member of a sadly demised alliance in the Global Organization for Liberty and Defense (GOLD) and the Confederation of Orange Nations (CON). Hello, once again. My time on Cybernations has had its peaks and troughs, frenetic activity and hibernation, joyful moments and depths of despair. As one gets older, you also develop a tendency to reminisce about old times, and I am curious if there still remains those who were members of GOLD or CON, and I ask whether you fare well in the worlds, both this one and the other. Carrot Cake will be served shortly.
  6. Time to pop in and say 'Hi!' To whoever is listening.



  7. I am, without a shadow of doubt, a deity of moderate proportions. Worship my girth.

  8. Wow.....almost seven years.

  9. Is that fresh coffee?

  10. I had a warhorse once and 'Daffodil' was her name. She was some mare and an excellent ride in the most tense situations. I trust the ponies' tense situations are few and far between.
  11. Hardware

    What did he think he was doing? If he didn't know he certainly couldn't expect others to know or understand his motivations or actions. He squeezed his eyes closed so he could shut out his thoughts and just focus on getting on with the daily tasks at hand. Life proceeds along without too much contemplation on whether it should or shouldn't and so would he. His nap, as always, was unsatisfactory. Not nearly enough. Sleep could be an elusive and unpredictable treasure. Sometimes it came easy and comfortable, whereas other times the mind raced across all manner of things, all of them dancing away from any personal control. Being truly rested was rare indeed. He groaned as he threw the rumpled covers off and swiveled himself to the edge of his bed. His hands were stiff and he massaged deep into his knuckles to ease them. The shower beckoned and he lumbered towards it, absent-mindedly scratching his body with re-animated hands. Turning on the shower he again registered that the tap handle for the cold water rested on the edge of the bath. "I've gotta get to that" he muttered to himself as he immersed into the cascading water. He eased himself in and out of the shower according to his body's ability to cope with the steaming water. Rubbing his hand across his face he assessed whether he was in need of a shave. "Not today" he mumbled, wondering where the hell his skin's elasticity had mysteriously disappeared to. He briskly washed, rinsed, brushed teeth, turned off the tap then reached for his towel being mindful not to slip in the process. He absent-mindedly sniffed the towel, a broad green one, testing whether it was acceptable for its fundamental task, that being to dry his body. It was although it had seen fluffier days. Dave was acutely aware of the other practical uses for towels, but that wasn't a consideration for the moment. He tossed it over his head and rubbed his hair vigorously, then moved down to his neck, back, chest, arms, lower torso and finally legs. He was methodical in his approach, believing that it was the most efficient and effective way to go about such a mundane and everyday chore. He shook the towel and observed the body hair that now covered the tiled floor in the shower recess. "I'm bloody molting" he grumbled. Dave moved his left hand over to the back of his right shoulder to rub the scar where a large lump had once been. It was a habit of many years and not as objectionable as some that he might consider taking up. The lump had been benign but the surgeon had quipped that he didnt like the look of it when he excised it from the muscle. There was nothing quite like getting a professional opinion on a lump of flesh and fatty tissue that originated from your body. Dave guessed that it probably wouldnt have been a candidate for the cover of Lumpy Bitz magazine that might be found sitting at the bottom of a pile of a doctors professional reading. He rushed through the rest of his post showering rituals being aware that he needed to get himself ready for work. Dave scrounged in the washing basket looking for fresh work clothes. These basics were easy enough to locate. Denim shorts, bright yellow work polo emblazoned with the business logo and slogans. Boxer shorts, elastic band still holding up. Socks. It was always socks. Dave wasnt particularly fussed about getting a matching pair of work socks, more so finding a pair that didnt have holes to the side of the big toe. His steel capped work boots rubbed against his largest of foot digits and not only developed large calluses on each but wore out his socks quicker than he liked. He mentally noted that he needed to buy some more socks when he pulled out two serviceable ones; Blue and Black. That would have to do. Dressing quickly, Dave then picked up his boots from next to the hall stand and strode down the hallway to the kitchen. He sat down on the old vinyl cushioned kitchen chair, the seat patched with a strip of duct tape. He pulled on his left boot, grasping the lace-ends and tugged tight. Snap! Thatd be right he muttered, annoyed. The lace had been frayed for the last week but he hadnt yet got to the store to buy a replacement pair. Socks and laces now Dave inscribed into his mental shopping list. He would usually forget, resorting to walking each aisle in the supermarket in the desperate hope for a memory jogger. Dave adjusted the lace so he could just manage to do a single bow, his thick fingers struggling in the effort. It would have to do. He took greater care in tying his right boot. An alarm went off in his head. The coffee siren. He moved across to the kitchen bench, lifted the kettle and shook it. Satisfied that the level of content would meet his daily necessary caffeine fix he slapped the on switch. A banging at the door disturbed his consideration of breakfast. He returned up the hallway to the front door and opened it to find a cat half way up the screen door, claws gripping the fly-wire. Morning, Shithead Dave said in a cheery manner. The cat, more formally known as Cally, a calico cat, meowed loudly in reply; Feed me now! in the feline language. Dave clicked the finger lock on the screen door, opened it as the cat dropped to the doorstep and sauntered in as only a cat can. Dave close and locked the door, a precaution he usually took given the not so upmarket nature of his neighbourhood. He followed in the wake of Cally to the kitchen where he found some cat biscuits and shook a portion of the contents into a bowl. The cat pierced him with an annoyed expression. OK, OK. Ill get the milk. He opened the refrigerator door and pulled out the plastic two litre bottle of milk. Lowfat. Dave had a small chloresterol problem. He checked the expiry date, opened the lid, and took a cautious whiff. Satisfied, Dave poured a small amount of milk into a saucer and placed it next to the cats food bowl. Cally purred in appreciation, giving Daves leg a cursory rub with her head before dipping her face into the food bowl. Dave turned his attention from the cat to the kettle. It was close to boiling. He reached for his favourite mug and placed it on the laminate bench top. The colour, the 1970s favourite, burnt orange, no longer affected him as it did visitors to his home. The outdated colour scheme and fixtures were background visual noise, barely registering in his thoughts. He pulled at the cutlery drawer and finger poked through for a teaspoon. Selecting one, he plunged it into the sugar bowl and extracted a heaped amount of sweetner, then dumped it into the mug. He repeated the process with the instant coffee. Dave splashed just the right amount of milk in the mug, musing about the aberration of the milk and sugar after brigade. Horrible. By this time the kettle had auto-switched off and Dave topped up the mug with water, the smell of instant coffee wafting up. Ah! Breakfast! he thought. Back to choices. Toast or Toast. He would have toast. He sorted through the bagged loaf of bread looking to select a slice unaffected by mould. Choosing two likely candidates, Dave put them in the toaster on setting number 2. That setting under-toasted where setting 3 turned it into a charcoal brickette. Two and a half didnt work so Dave toasted the bread on 2 twice, monitoring the second turn to manually remove the toast before it caught fire. Dave opened the fridge and removed the margarine. Next he found the vegemite and crunchy peanut butter. One slice with the axle grease like vegemite, a favourite Australian breakfast spread, and the other with paste of peanut. He gave of a laugh. He remembered the high school name for the spreads. Penis Paste and Vaginamite. Very schoolboy humour. The toast soon popped up and he reset it and maintained his vigil for the toast perfection he craved. Soon Dave was sitting at the kitchen table sipping his coffee between bites of each of the pieces of toast, listening to the radio. This was the calm before the storm as he kept half an eye on the wall clock in the kitchen. It didnt matter how early in the day he got up, the time in the morning moved in a mysterious fashion resulting in Dave always rushing to get to work. The radio station broadcast the short grabs of news that provided Dave with just enough current affairs without having to resort to the television. Morning television had the same inane Morning Show programs, with the same inane morning show hosts, talking about the same inane issues of the day that catered for the same inane viewers. Dave didnt want to risk losing the little intelligence he possessed by watching the networks. Radio would be enough. He caught the end of the daily horoscope for his sign, it mentioning that change was in the air, something that Dave thought was highly unlikely. He was stuck in a rut and probably needed explosives to get himself free from the sucking monotony in the bottom. The chair legs squealed on the vinyl flooring as Dave pushed back out his slightly worn seat and gathered the plate and coffee mugs from the table. Begrudgingly he chose to rinse them at the sink and leave them out to dry in the dish rack. 'Nobody else to clean up after me so I best do it myself' he thought. Dave's internal alarm initiated an annoying scratching, insisting he get to work. He called Cally who was now casually preening herself in the distasteful manner that only a cat could. 'Don't lick me with that tongue' muttered Dave. Cally paused briefly to give him a quizzical 'Rowwr?' and when no promise of a tasty tidbit eventuated she returned to grooming. ​Cally paused briefly to give him a quizzical Rowwr? And when no promise of a tasty tidbit eventuated she returned to grooming. Dave took a couple of steps and scooped the cat into his arms, strode up to the hallstand, then fossicked in the bowl resting on its top. He gave a sigh as he finally plucked out his name badge / identification swipe and keys. ​He juggled his possessions to free a hand to open the front screen door, at which time the cat managed to free herself from his hold, leap to the verandah and hop a few metres out of his reach. Cally stole a quick glare of defiance for being put out, turned and sauntered off with her tail swishing in the air. Dave, cat-slave, had been dismissed. ​He closed the front door, keyed the deadlock the closed and locked the screen door, checking the handle to make sure. He paused and mentally checked that he had turned off the few electrical appliances he possessed. Closing his eyes to better remotely survey the house in his mind, he suddenly blinked and was satisfied. ​Dave spun on his heels and walked to his car parked on the grass verge of his home. Grass was probably not an accurate description of the narrow strip of land. Weed and dirt would have been a more apt description. ​The car, a faded burgundy early model Toyota Camry, was probably more comfortable on Daves verge than a classy limestone paved driveway. Dave did what little he needed to keep his personal mode of transport functioning. It didnt leak much oil, generally started first time and very rarely, broke down. ​Dave keyed open the boot to check that his work-belt and other necessities of employment were still there, along with the bric-a-brac of his mundane existence. Dave kept stuff in his car boot based on a it might come in handy approach. An old hammock for a picnic rug, a folding camp chair, a four litre container of water and the like. It rarely reached the handy stage. Dave was an unabashed boot hoarder. ​Unlike his boot, the interior of the car was clutter free. It started first time and Dave slipped his seat belt on and proceeded on his short commute to work. ​Work was as a forklift operator / replenishment team member for a large DIY hardware store. The company had dozens of megastores across the country, slowly snuffing out the existence of the long established local family hardware shops. Dave had concerns that he was a very minor cog in such a soulless enterprise, but he had to pay his bills. Working a night shift provided him the flexibility he needed for the moment. He had plans to do better, he just needed things to go his way for a change.
  12. TOP/OBR Announcement

    A slight trembling of the earth causes a flock of birds take wing from their languid roost amongst the shade trees of Vijar. Beneath a paticularly shady and stately eucalypt there is a disurbance to the soil. A clod of turf is turned and a rusted gauntlet thrusts free from its bonds of clay and sand. A low moaning starts as slowly but surely an armour-clad body claws and levers itself to the surface. Using a sword etched with the name 'Venom', now dull through the lack of use, Knight XXI of the Order of the Black Rose pushes himself to his feet, wobbling ever so slightly. *Sir W_A_R of Vijar rises once again to be surrounded by the clamour of Digiterran life. He shakes himself in a poorly conceived effort to rid his armour of the grainy residue accumulated from the past few months of his interment, only to stagger and then prop as a result. He goes to remove his helm only to find it is stuck fast. "That could be a good thing" he mutters, given his possible state of decomposition. Well this is a fine thing to see; the formalisation of a friendship between my beloved Black Rose Order and those of the Paradoxian Way. May we all prosper accordingly. My congratulations to all those who 'made this thing so'. If you kindly excuse me but my worms are suggesting that I should go back and lay down again. *W_A_R turns, staggers back to his resting place and trips head first back into the fertile soil of his Vijari homeland.
  13. OK, time to call it a day.

  14. No further treatment need... this is good!

    So I have finally managed to survive the rigours of the OBR to be knighted. Beware my vengeful gauntlet!