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Stop AcTivating Wall Hacks ConC

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[b][size="5"]Stop AcTivating Wall Hacks ConC[/size][/b]


This pact joins AcTi (AcTi) and the Conclave (ConC) in peace. In the spirit of said peace, neither will kill the other with infections, both will provide intelligence about all the new mods, and both will buy new mods for the opposite signatory.

[u][b]Article I - Peace[/b][/u]

By signing this treaty, both signatories agree to not use Aim bot or Wall Hacks against each other in a public match. In addition, friendly fire will not be tolerated because AcTi and ConC are on the same team. If bad stuff should happen, they will both back out of the game and each leader will solve the matter diplomatically. They also agree to treat each other with friendly respect in lobbies.
Article II - Intelligence[/b][/u]

If either signatory is AFC (away from controller) during the match and a nuke is about to drop, the other signatory will spam the away signatory with text and/or voice messages until both signatories meet safely back in the lobby.
If either signatory hears that someone about to javelin glitch on the others' position, they are entitled to inform the other signatory with loud, semi-human noises.

[u][b]Article III - Aid[/b][/u]

If one signatory gets into a poop-storm and requests monetary assistance, the other signatory will be happy to oblige by the request if able. To be the best that each can be, AcTi and ConC agree to host modded lobbies so everyone has everything the game has to offer (3mil/100 tech deals).

[u][b]Article IV - Optional Defense[/b][/u]

Shall one signatory be a man short in a clan match, the other signatory is strongly encouraged (but not obligated) to offer assistance in any way possible.

[u][b]Article V - Cancellation[/b][/u]

If either signatory feels the relationship has become strained because of too many noobtube kills (and whatnot) they are welcome to withdraw their presence from this pact, giving the other signatory 48 hours notice.[/center]

[u]Signed for AcTi[/u]

[i]Batallion[/i] - Emperor of AcTi
[i]xR1 Fatal Instinct[/i] - Minister of Foreign Affairs

[u]Signed for The Conclave[/u]
[i]Synesi[/i] - Grand Master
[i]Lowsten[/i] - Auxiliary Grand Master
[i]htmlmaster[/i] - Master Provost

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[quote name='veracity' timestamp='1288473158' post='2497492']
well this is better than stepping in a fresh pile of dog.......
Except without that squishy feeling between your toes o.O

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