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An upgrade, by Amazon Nation and Blackstone Commission

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I have been rather busy these past few days, as some of you may know, and as is obvious by the fact that I am actually here before you yet again so soon after a previous announcement.

Not wanting to take away from any of the special occasions we are currently celebrating, I present to you another feat of friendship that truly was intended to get off to a much stronger beginning than a mere PIAT. The history between our two alliances lends itself to something more along the lines of...say, a mutual flavor. :awesome:

Therefore, I present to you:

An Upgrade, by AzN and BCOM:


Considering that these Signatories firmly desire to ensure peace between them and that they can, by means of an effective treaty of alliance and defense, better respond to this need;

Considering, with the same object in mind, that the co-operation of these Signatories, in the manner indicated, is in the very interest of their good relations, to facilitate and strengthen good understanding between them;

The Governments of these Signatories promise not to give this agreement, which is purely one of defense, an aggressive tendency in any way whatsoever, and having resolved to conclude an agreement of peace and of reciprocal protection in the terms here below indicated, have agreed upon the following:


These Signatories mutually promise to give each other reciprocal aid and to act in concert, using their moral and diplomatic influence, to contribute sincerely to the resolution of any disputes and the peaceful co-existence of said Signatories with all other Powers.


If, contrary to the sincere desire of these Signatories and in spite of the attitude of their governments in avoiding all acts of aggression and all provocation toward any other Power, either of the Signatories should be attacked, these Signatories are bound to aid each other reciprocally with their entire armed forces, and consequently not to make peace except conjointly and in concert.


The present treaty shall remain in force from the date on which it is signed. In case of denunciation, the terms of this agreement shall expire no sooner than 72 hours from notification of intent to cancel.

Signed on this 6th day of June, year 2010:


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This is BCOM's first MDP - and Randalla, BCOM and AzN have a great future ahead !! Looking at both sides of the equation, we definitely have what long-lasting friendships have. And we both seem to know how to toot our own horns too :P

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