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  1. Welcome to the fight, Schatt. You know, what I've seen here from both sides is the lobbying for some kind of a "belief" in which should be used as the driving force in this war. We typically see this in wars as PR to gain support for military reasons, naturally. The practice is so rampant that I think a lot of people just look at it and take it for face value. But when you actually examine these "beliefs" on both sides, one side appears to be absolutely despicable and hypocritical, while the other side is certainly consistent and honorable. This is common knowledge to [i]most[/i] of us
  2. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1296191729' post='2606831'] So that's a no. All I needed to know. Thanks. [/quote] You're welcome. And thank [i]you[/i] for shedding a bit more light on what prompted the OP.
  3. [quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1296191177' post='2606798'] PotFace, do you expect people to take you seriously as long as you consider a scenario where GOONS would exit this war as the defeated party? (If you're concerned at all yourself about gaining ground I'd abandon that line of thought posthaste.) [/quote] Maybe one of these days when you guys can get your act together, someone will send some diplos to come over and give you guys a block of instruction on "foresight", and how bad it is to "count your chickens before they've hatched". This is going to be a long war. It's not
  4. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1296104701' post='2604556'] [center][IMG]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100605090103/cybernations/images/d/d0/Cngoonsflag.png[/IMG][/center] Greetings my new friends in the Ex-Heg! I want to take the time to thank you. I'm not mad, not in the least in fact, I am overjoyed. You see, Ex-Heg, you have just given us the greatest gift possible. A challenge. What you fail to understand, (aside from the fact that attacking us in this way will not prevent TOP from slaughtering you, if they elect to do so, whichever of you they pick), is that you cann
  5. [quote name='northstars' timestamp='1296007543' post='2601566'] Thanks for taking the time to bold the parts of your tirades that informed readers can skip. [/quote] Informed readers get informed by [i]reading[/i]. Uninformed readers get uninformed by skipping. It's a real easy concept when you think about it...
  6. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1296006406' post='2601527'] We do hate NPO. We do not want even the slightest chance to see them in power again. If our assumptions are true, and reasonably they may be, we can't allow any small chance of NPO ruling Bob again. We hate NPO, and we will not give them the chance. That's why we fight. [/quote] All you've done is help to ensure that they rule the world again. They are now the rally point for any sort of anti-hegemonist movement. Way to go.
  7. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1296003880' post='2601431'] No repentance? Or have they just not prostrated themselves enough for you? As for refusing to fill sanction requests, two things come to mind. If that's such an evil action, I suppose some maroon senators need to get rolled? I seem to recall a maroon rogue not being sanctioned being a small issue on the OWF some months ago. And did you even talk to Biff? If you did and were refused, why not roll CoJ at the same time? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PYU3Q.gif[/IMG] [/quote] Because they want Schatt on their side. As if [i]that's[/i] gonna
  8. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1296001966' post='2601331'] And we are playing freely. By telling us that we can't declare war for whatever reason we want you attempt to enslave us into playing your way. You see, you are the ones who aren't playing freely right now and that's because your eyes do not know freedom. Doing the same thing day in and day out, the same way we have since 2007 is not freedom. Even Schatt would agree with that, or at least his recent signature would. [i]+ more frivolous perspective[/i] [/quote] I can truly understand how attacking other alliances and forceful
  9. [quote name='SpiderJerusalem' timestamp='1295995164' post='2601105'] No problem Care to mention what it is that would tip the scale in your favour? It must be my war hardened eyes, they can't notice such details My guess is that you overestimate the sway you'll have with people. Or your own skill when it comes to strategy and tactics in this war... But hey, whatever floats your boat [/quote] That's 100% irrelevant. This isn't about Polaris and what people think of it. This is about those who declare war for no reason at all, and what people think of [i]them[/i]. And my argument h
  10. [quote name='SpiderJerusalem' timestamp='1295994461' post='2601078'] Yeah... Your superb politics skills have really tipped the scales in your favour it seems [/quote] As opposed to recklessly declaring unprovoked war? I don't even need to touch the scales... you yourselves have tipped them in our favor [i]for[/i] us. Hey, thanks for that by the way.
  11. [quote name='SpiderJerusalem' timestamp='1295994256' post='2601064'] At least I know that when a huge chunk of NPO's allies are in peace mode, the first counter can't be all that exceptional, and we'll get more time tearing down the infrastructure and drinking all the delicious tears of the alliance Or do they have some kind of secret weapon or ally we don't know about? I highly doubt it So in the words of o/ the glorious Emperor Blackbird the honourable \o, [b]bring it.[/b] [/quote] And that's your problem right there. You know a thing or two about war, but you know little to nothi
  12. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295994089' post='2601056'] Not much about MK than it does about your keen observational skills. http://www.cybernations.net/search_wars.asp?searchstring=Declaring_Alliance%2CReceiving_Alliance&search=Federation%20of%20Armed%20Nations&anyallexact=exact cunning, sophisticated, and intelligent, you say? [/quote] Interesting. I spoke with one of their leaders last night who sang a different tune. FAN, you disappoint me.
  13. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295993732' post='2601037'] Sure, son. Ill learn you some of the real history of CN when I have more time. [/quote] I'm sure you will. On a side note, I think it's interesting that FAN of all alliances (whom I fought against as a Pacifican during the FAN-WUT war) even condemns this attack on NPO. If there were anyone out there that had a right to hold a grudge against NPO for the past, it would be them. And today, they are just as cunning, sophisticated, and intelligent as they've always been. What does that say about MK?
  14. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295993372' post='2601009'] Have you not looked at the joined dates between our profiles? I've been playing for 4 years now, there aren't many who have played longer than I so that "you'll learn, son" doesn't really do much for me. [/quote] Is that what you go by? I joined in August 2007. You're just a disinformation junction today, aren't you?
  15. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295992711' post='2600976'] These seeds will be well fertilized with the ashes of the Orders. [/quote] That may be, but in the end, it doesn't matter. The Orders can always get more infra. You guys, on the other hand, now have more critical problems than that. Maybe you just haven't been playing this game long enough to know how it all works.
  16. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1295990417' post='2600908'] Then we disagree on what is good and bad. But we can be the hero this game needs, even if it's not the one it wants right now. [/quote] I get the whole concept of "self-sacrifice" for the greater good. Question is, is this something that a select few of you dreamt up one day and decided to impose it on the whole world, including your own members? Through a particular lens (a very warped lens at that), this could be considered noble and honorable. In the end though, this cyberverse is what we all make of it - not what you an
  17. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1295989523' post='2600880'] If you're going to attack us for hypocrisy, at least do it over something valid. Our position has changed on a bunch of things since we were blacklisted by NPO. But it has changed with much of CN too. You can't say that people don't change, even CCC can agree that this is true. The difference with us compared to normal hypocrites is that in our changes we have improved. Greatly. [/quote] By "improved", what exactly are you referring to? The general consensus here is that imposing your "position" on things against others pretty m
  18. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295989111' post='2600860'] Uhhhh.. yeah. You sure showed me. [/quote] Well, I didn't expect us to reach this point so soon.... when others clearly demonstrate how hypocritical and out of whack your logic is, you go dense and unwilling to participate anymore. I have more respect for people that just come out and tuck their tails in and run away from the discussion.
  19. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295988915' post='2600852'] I don't see what DoomHouse and the mess that is the greater treaty web, and this war, have in common. Is it because DoomHouse is a bloc treaty whose members have ties to the rest of the treaty web? IF that is the case then every alliance that has declared war is guilty of what you are accusing us of. [/quote] IT LEARNS !!! Edit: But you're wrong. Every alliance that has declared a war "for the heck of it", who has used the treaty web, is guilty of what I'm accusing you of.
  20. [quote name='ktarthan' timestamp='1295988633' post='2600840'] Still saying attacking NPO is consistent, just our timing is wrong. [/quote] To me, that's just as screwed up as attacking the [i]wrong[/i] alliance at the right time.
  21. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1295988189' post='2600828'] No. I said we may have a treaty, but the treaty is by no means our cause for war. We know this because we would be in this same position even if we didn't have the treaty. Do we need to start bringing back Bob Sanders quotes, my goodness. [/quote] How convenient. Good luck convincing everyone of that. In the meantime, you guys have a reputation for being against the treaty web, but use it to wage war. That's something that's to be expected of MK... pretty standard. If you wanna be the class clown, be prepared to get calle
  22. [quote name='Crymson' timestamp='1295987554' post='2600804'] I guess this was also the case when seven alliances from a variety of different blocs simultaneously brought the boot down onto your alliance in the WotC, then, eh? [/quote] Something like that would take coordination, wouldn't you say? Where ever there's coordination and cooperation, you've got yourself a team. Do try and keep up.
  23. [quote name='Crowdog' timestamp='1295986900' post='2600788'] How does us attacking in coordination with our friends mean that we used treaties to go to war? And where is FAN in this? I know that DH has a treaty tying us together, but that treaty did nothing to spur this war. In fact, I believe that even if that treaty did not exist we would still be in this spot. [/quote] Did you really just say you're not here because of a treaty, and even if you were here because of a treaty, you'd still not be here because of a treaty? Edit: Even though you really are here because of a treaty....
  24. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295986592' post='2600782'] We didn't use it to engage in war. Others used it, to their own demise, and we engaged in war. [/quote] So really what's heppened here, is that DH didn't declare war; the members of DH independently declared war against the same target at the same time. Gotcha. By the looks of things, I can understand why you'd be so confused as to what's going on here - you simply have no idea.
  25. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1295986367' post='2600771'] As YOU now know [/quote] Terrible use of smug. How can you be against the tangled treaty web when you use it flawlessly to engage in war?
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