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Europa - Regnum Invictorum PIAT

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[center][size=7][b]Europa & Regnum Invictorum Sign PIAT[/b][/size][/center]

[quote][b][center][size=5]The Purple Stars Accords[/size][/center][/b]

[b]Article 1:[/b] Regnum Invictorum and Europa recognize one another as sovereign Galactic Empires and our members will treat each other with the appropriate respect in all public areas. Efforts will be taken by both sides to maintain consistent and productive dialogue.

[b]Article Two:[/b] Members of Regnum Invictorum and Europa agree to not attack each other's star ships. In the event one Galactic Empire's star ship attacks a star ship belonging to the other Galactic Empire, both Galactic Empires shall order the attacking star ships to offer peace and reparations of antimatter within 24 hours. Should the attacking star ship refuse to comply, the offending member's Galactic Empire shall remove the member from their Empire and commence retaliatory phaser strikes alongside the other Empire.

[b]Article Three:[/b] Members of Regnum Invictorum and Europa agree to share any intelligence critical to the other Galactic Empire's safety. They also agree to not spy on one another. Any information given or received under this treaty can be kept confidential.

[b]Article Four:[/b] Should either alliance require antimatter or assistance, they may request it from the other Galactic Empire. However, such aid or assistance is optional, but encouraged.

[b]Article Five:[/b] This treaty may be canceled after 72 hours of notification. In the event Articles Two or Three are violated by one Galactic Empire, this treaty may be dissolved without advance notice.

[i][b]Signed for Europa:[/b][/i]

Minister of Silly Walks, Grand Ayatollah
Deebo, Mint Ayatollah
Ernesto Che Guevara, Strawberry Ayatollah
Vielwerth, Vanilla Ayatollah

[i][b]Signed for Regnum Invictorum:[/b][/i]

Jorost, Lord Protector
Learz, Lord Lieutenant
President Gunn, Minister of Internal Affairs
Sir Glen, Chancellor of the Exchequer[/quote]

[center][i]...something something something TREATY something something something COMPLETE...[/i][/center]

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