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Farkistan Erection Announcement


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It's beginning to look a lot like Farkmas JULY!

WHEREAS, we recognize that Farkmas has become a corrupt, greed-driven, neutered corporate version of itself, and

WHEREAS, we are outraged by the notion of "Farkmas in July," and

WHEREAS, cold weather should never prevent the consumption of beer and grilling of meat (topped with bacon), and

WHEREAS, we recognize that women in bikinis should be available for viewing pleasure year-round, and

WHEREAS, the Hawaiian shirt-shorts-flip-flop combo is the most comfortable outfit known to us, and

WHEREAS, I'm getting tired of typing the word "Whereas," and

WHEREAS, a massive erection was held in the hopes of thrusting the rigid, old, wrinkly Farkers from office, only to have some of them come back.

Now therefore be it resolved by the undersigned that the new TotalFark Council shall be:

Emperor Norton I (Speaker of Council)

Pope Rodger



Mr Cynical

Be it further resolved, by the undersigned that we respectfully demand the creation of "July during Farkmas" for the good of Boobies, Bacon, and Beer for all.

Your post below signifies your support of this worthy petition:


Walken of Farkistan.

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Its beginning to look a lot like Farkmas

Everywhere you go

Take a look in the corner bar,

There's Farkers from near and far

With beer and fun much in store!

Its beginning to look a lot like Farkmas

Bacon in every pan

But the prettiest sight to see

Is that delicious BLT

And when you're done you'll ask for more!

Its beginning to look a lot like Farkmas

but the mod's wouldn't let me sing this verse

Suffice it to say

The word begins with 'B'

If you can't guess you're too young to know!

Its beginning to look a lot like Farkmas

I think this board is inane

Dullards and fools

who all think they're cool

you can all kiss my tuckus

Yes it is beginning to look a lot like Farkmas

My song is nearly at an end

We've laughed and we cried

The dude - he shall abide

Goodnight and fark off!


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Good Subby Randomly looked out, on the Feast of Farkmas,

Farkers playing on his lawn, cheeky little rascals;

Tasty did the bacon smell, and good looked the boobies,

Empty bottles roundabout, of this fun the proof is.

Whereas I wholeheartedly welcome a change in the oppression, and thus the new members of the TF Council.


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