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  1. You'll be hearing from my lawyers, you libelous son-of-a-worker.
  2. Anteaters, explosions...that's all well and good to get the average worker busy, busy, busy, but I've still got a drooping antenna. Had a dream about the grasshopper last night. Saw him lurch back in sick surprise as we attacked him, the raw terror in his eyes a testament to the instant sobriety he found at that last moment. I can't get it out of my head, the way he just whimpered as we ripped him in two, the sad resignation that came over him as #211 tunneled into his spiracle. I can't tell the others about this flashback or the haunting effect it has had me. The worst of it is that I can hear his fiddle...
  3. You'll be with that grasshopper soon enough, stripey.
  4. A minor worker, maybe. More likely a replete.
  5. You talk like a Myrmecia pilosula and your meconium's all retarded.
  6. I don't see you hanging around with the Queen. And don't think she doesn't know of your thievery!
  7. Caught #604 laughing at me today. Suspect it is because of the antenna. I should remind him who is covered with the Queen's scent. Hint: it's not him.
  8. That grasshopper came around today. Claimed he was sick and needed medicine. You could smell the whiskey on his breath. He offered to play his fiddle for us if we let him crash at the nest. We invited him in, then set upon him with ferocity. He'll add nicely to our winter stores. My left antenna continues to droop slightly to the left. It is embarrassing, and I think the others are staring at me.
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