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Rubber Ducky Division Gov change

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RDD recently announced the appointment of Woopsi to our Triumvirate. That left us lacking a Minister of Foreign Affairs. Fear not Bob, we have filled that position!

We would like to proudly announce that aboooe will be taking over the position of MoFA for Rubber Ducky Division. We know he will do an amazing job and have the utmost confidence in him!


:wub:aboooe :wub:

Signed for Rubber Ducky Division:

Augusta Antonia - Triumvirate

Tongo - Triumvirate

Woopsi - Triumvirate

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How sexy is this?!

Great choice.. I would totally bang Aboooe if he were a hot naked sexy chic.

Who wouldn't, it's hard to resist my masculine charms.. ;)

nicely done.

Do we get free beer with this announcement?

/me hands over a beer, have one on me.

Funny, today is the day I found out Aboooe was no longer Echelon... :s

Congrats Aboooe and RDD, you're good guys.

Kajdav I haven't been in echelon for about 6 months..


I'm actually kinda surprised.


As am I freddie, I think RDD have a death wish or something. They leave me unsuppervised as well :o

Aboooe will always be Echelon. You don't clean our mark off in the shower(yes, we brand our members).

Augusta will actually be getting her honorary branding on Echelon Day as part of the festivities :awesome:

Of course, I'll always be Echelon. :wub:

Congrats to aboooe! :D

EDIT: The guy actually has 3 o's... :o

That's cause I'm awesome, but better yet you have 4 x's..

Congrats aboooe :D

Now i'm going to have to bug you when we get in trouble again.

As if you don't bug me anyways.

A dashing bow tie you have on that foreign minister of yours! Hopefully it'll impress the other duckies as well as of course the ladies.

It has duckies on it. xD

Also Raider that is awesome.

Also thanks to all the well wishes.

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[20:29] <aboooe[RDD-MoFA]> I don't know what you guys were on when you appointed me..

[20:29] <aboooe[RDD-MoFA]> But Iwant some of that !@#$..

[20:29] <aboooe[RDD-MoFA]> I probably can't be left on my own without causing an incedent.. xD

/me feels sorry for RDD already :P

<3 aboooe

<3 RDD

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