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The Corporation of Serious Business Lodges a Formal Complaint


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We Interrupt Your Current Broadcast

For an Important Corporate Bulletin!


The Corporation of Serious Business

The board members of the Corporation of Serious Buiness convenes this day and comes before you all with a troubled heart, which basically makes no sense at all since we all have hearts, so this singular nonsense is well, just that, yet I digress. Oh, actually, the point I was going to make was that we have recently been accused of being heartless, so as you can see, we're off to a fitting start.

We at the Corporation of Serious Business, not to be confused with that other group of hacks donning a Corporate theme in no doubt attempting to parody our proven leadership structure, have always admired (both in and out of the shower facility at our sprawling headquarters) the leadership of the New Sith Order. In as much, we feel obligated to report to them that several of our members have received errant spam of a curious nature from an interloper in their ranks.

This afternoon, shortly after the all-hands meeting for employee reduction strategy, we were forced to walk through the cubicles and before we could even wash ourselves and decontaminate from such a degrading experience, we were confronted by several peons who were alarmed at the following communication that was transmitted to our systems:

To: -RECIPIENT WITHHELD- From: Krunk the Great Date: 10/7/2009 3:20:34 PM

Subject: Help me Spy on the Sith

Message: Hello,

I'm currently running a spy ring that's working on infiltrating the evil New Sith Order, and I need more spies to infiltrate the Sith. While I'm currently working on it myself, I need assistance- they'll become suspicious if I try and gain access to too many Sith government areas

That's where you come in: you can aid me in this project by taking advantage of the Sith's foolishly fluid leadership structure to help me gain access to sensitive information, or you can just sign in and see if anybody happens to leak some sensitive information to you. It happens.

In any case, you can sign up for the Sith to start spying on them here: http://newsithorder.info/boards/index.php?board=116.0

And don't forget- if you get any sensitive information on them, private message it to me here- I've got contacts that know just what to do with it. And trust me: this IS lucrative.

Also, Vote for LordPhilip for Purple Senate

-Krunk the Great, Spy among the Sith

We offer this information as a gesture of good faith to the New Sith Order, but if you notice we withheld the name of our employee as we are aware of their recent unscrupulous recruiting activities.

In closing, we would urge you to take the normal precautionary measures, and to please vote for Michiel de Ruyter for purple senate!

This has been a



-Transmission Terminated-


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Speaking of spying on the NSO, if you'd like to, join Heggo's spy ring instead of krunk's. We don't get outed like this.

Heggo, funny you brought that up. As we speak, we are receiving incoming intelligence regarding another spy ring in your midst. Please stay tuned for developments.

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Not again?

Slow learners I see.

I assure you that NSO is completely serious about this. The NSO is a serious alliance for serious people. I am truly sorry if you cannot handle that simple fact.

Also, I can only laugh at Heggo's and Krunk's attempts to spy on the NSO. No spymaster worth anything advertises. You don't see me telling people about my ring do you? No, because I know what I'm doing. Simple as that.

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You and I should probably get together and do lunch. I keep hearing about more and more stuff I should give you the 411 on. I'm afraid the problems are running deeper then I had expected over at your outfit.

Have your people call my people.

Maybe we can split the taco sampler again?

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I'm extremely disappointed in the New Sith Order. You'd think that they'd learn not to try and recruit from other alliances while being so brazenly open about it. Shame on you.

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