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The Velma is Hotter than Daphne Pact

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Several weeks ago we were approached by Scooby and told that he wanted to form his own alliance. He has proven himself reliable as a member, so we agreed to provide protection to his alliance. Without further adieu, I present The Velma is Hotter than Daphne Pact.


The North Atlantic Defense Coalition - Rise of the Horde Protectorate


In recognition of the ties of Solidarity and Amity shared between them, and in the interests of the furtherance of friendship and relations between them both, with the consent and advise of the legislative bodies of each, the undersigned representatives of both the North Atlantic Defense Coalition (NADC) and the Rise of the Horde (RotH) enter into law the following Treaty on this date, July 9, 2009:-

I. Sovereignty

The NADC shall not in any way attempt to subvert the sovereignty of RotH, nor attempt to coerce its decision making processes, nor attempt to bend it to its will. RotH shall be expected to conduct itself in a manner that not only becomes them, but in a manner that becomes both the NADC and RotH. RotH shall not sign treaties without notifying the NADC of its intentions. Unless there is an obvious reason RotH should not hold the treaty, they shall be allowed to follow through.

II. NADC Representation

The NADC shall be entitled to one (1) Liaison on RotH home forums as a means of communication and advisement. The representative shall advise the Government and Membership of RotH but shall hold no formal powers within the alliance, other than a purely advisory role, representing the interests of the NADC. The representative shall not be entitled to a position upon RotH's Legislature or Government, and shall not actively participate in RotH affairs.

III. Alliance Management

The Liaison to RotH shall advise RotH on alliance management. This includes, but is not limited to:-

a. Recruitment Procedure

b. The Alliance Bank

c. The Government Organisation and Administration

d. The Military Department

e. The Foreign Department

The Liaison shall not have any formal powers to change these departments, but will merely suggest improvements in efficiency and output. RotH is not obliged to take on any suggestions under this treaty, but they are strongly advised to at least discuss the merits of them.

IV. Monetary Assistance

The NADC shall provide RotH with regular financial aid opportunities. This will include access to schemes that operate as a part of the NADC Federal Bank, under the provision that these schemes are not disclosed to foreign alliances. RotH shall be entitled access to the NADC Business Exchange and all the benefits it brings, at the NADC rate of pay. Likewise, RotH members shall be welcome to participate in the technology market of the NADC should they wish.

V. Military

In the event of an unmerited attack upon RotH, the NADC shall attempt to resolve the matter with RotH and the offender diplomatically, and should not solution be achieved, then military assistance is required on behalf of the NADC. Should RotH come under rogue attack and is unable to defend itself fully against the attack, then they may request that the NADC initiate a rogue response against them, in order to defend them from the attack. In such an event, the NADC shall strive to provide financial assistance to RotH whatever the circumstances. Should the NADC come under attack, the protectorate, while not required to, has the option of coming into NADC's defense.

RotH may not engage in aggressive action against a foreign alliance, whatever the circumstance, without consulting the NADC.

VI. Duration

The duration of this treaty shall be set at 4 months from the date of assent by both parties. This treaty shall therefore expire on November 09, 2009. At this time, the progress of RotH shall be considered and a renewal of this treaty (with an altered duration) may be discussed or they may petition to upgrade said treaty.

VII. Cancellation

This treaty may be cancelled without justification with 72 hours notice for discussion to take place regarding the future of relations. After this 72 hour period, the treaty is void and a 48 hour grace period must be adhered to.

Signed for the NADC,


Secretary General

Da Supe

Military Operations Commander

Lord Damien

Foreign Affairs Minister

Signed forRotH



Far Seers


Crazy Joe

Flavius Julius


Edited by Lord Damien
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