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  1. what kind of ally attacks your treaty partner to prevent their friends from helping their allies? and they already did it in the bi-polar war, RnR looks like an awesome an loyal allie to have (no, it´s just sarcasm)
  2. anyway, the facts are that you sent 30mill vs 3mill over a clumsy casus belli for ROK, when ROK alone was 3vs1 odds (more than enough) and you are not giving peace after 2 weeks, I don´t really care (I´m still winning almost all in the ground and air) but questioning if this is a curbstomp or not sounds a bit ridiculous ... just because we are an alliance of heroes and you are losing more strengh doesn´t change the curbstomp nature of the war
  3. [quote name='Tungsten' timestamp='1282601294' post='2428141'] Amazing. I thought for a couple minutes, and I still can't remember a real 1v1 war anytime in the last couple years,but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Questioning an alliance's "1 Vs 1 abilities" is like questioning my skill at dragon riding [/quote] we tryed with RIA some time ago, being them just 20-25%more NS (I don´t remember exactly), but FARK daddy didn´t let them fight alone that was close though
  4. welcome to the Brown team FnKa and remember, [i]"if it´s brown ... it´s damn awesome!"[/i]
  5. well ... I suppose that if you don´t have what´s needed to fight outsiders you can always start a civil war in \m/land after all you have your war, not against GGA though
  6. and here it comes, our new Death Star just in time, good luck to our enemies, you´re going to need it!! muahahahaha!!
  7. wash your pants \m/, they are all pooped also, its very interesting from this trouble to see how the attitude of some people change when they are facing someone defenseless or when they face some real threat...
  8. much respect for this STA, \m/ will poop in their pants, they are just courageous when the other side have no chances at all
  9. he was spied (more than once) and threatened (with some messages) by TENE so he was fighting them, then Rok attacked with 3 nations a member of the NSO without saying a word to the NSO, they refused to prove or investigate who were in the right or who started it ..., the aid wasn´t the most polite move but looking at Rok actions before they can´t blame NSO for that... the original post looks very interesting but its so long so I didn´t read it all, anyway this is interesting too
  10. Bob, even if aiding Sedrick and spying on him are both valid casus bellis, these was being talked with other alliances as mediators and it would have been solved like it always is (this kind of troubles happens constantly in cybernations) but Rok and the others decided to declare war, anyway, they have the strengh (actually 10vs1 odds) and this is just a game so good luck and we will try to do our best it would have been great though a 1vs1 with Rok (they were more than twice our strengh anyway), but this is asking so much of planetbob
  11. at least you didn´t come with the "we just lost communication lately" cause, it would have been worse good luck GATO
  12. these things happens constantly in cybernations and it just get resolved with diplomacy, Rok and company just were so fast to attack inmediatly, note that the attack on NSO is more than 6hours before update (no one do that if there is any interest in peace), the reason of the DOW is obviously not the rogue issue Fernando12
  13. [quote name='DictatatorDan' date='13 July 2010 - 06:42 AM' timestamp='1278999714' post='2369061'] [color="#FF0000"]Ahhh, The Legion, one of the many alliances that has marched right into a sanction all the while doing nothing noticable besides drag all of their dirty laundry right out for the world to see. Watching Legion lol-itics is like watching a jet liner crash into a circus...painfully funny. Top Ten Reasons Legion Sucks 1.The Arbiter (Seriously, has there ever been a Whining Legion Thread that did not involve him in some way) 2.It's leaders can't get beyond their own egos. 3.Punis
  14. congrats to our friends and allies o/ NATO
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