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Nueva Vida Protectorate Announcement


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Today, shortly after midnight on Planet Bob, the Republic of Aquisgrana announced it's existence to the world.

I'm glad to announce the addition of this great group of guys to our little family in Nueva Sangre.

In my time dealing with another little (ex)protectorate of ours, I happened to be fortunate enough to have a couple very nice chats with Valdemar. A couple days ago when he approached me about creating a new alliance and asked for a protectorate (he even said I'm well mannered.... clearly doesn't know me but whatever :P) the decision was easy.

Nueva Sangre is a rather space-consuming piece of paper so I won't post the whole thing, but the bottom line is they're protected by Nueva Vida while they gain a foothold. If anyone has any issues that come up with them, complaints, questions, comments, etc... please forward them my way :)

Signed for Nueva Vida;

Nelchael, Emperor

Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood

Signed for the Republic of Aquisgrana;

Valdemar, Magistratus

Elfriede Riotte, Minister Legati

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o/ Nueva Vida!

o/ Hizzy!

Our most sincere and deepest gratitude to you, sir, and to Nueva Vida for giving us this opportunity. We will strive to be worthy of the faith you have reposed in us.

PS. I thought you were well mannered. Of course, people think that of me, too. Go figure.

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