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BrotherHood Announcement

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BrotherHood Announcement

We would like to take this time to announce to Planet Bob that the alliance of The Brotherhood have formed. We do not plan on becoming a power nor will be try to become one. We are friends and our goals are all alike. Most of us have been friends for years and have been in the same alliances at some point of our careers. Over the time we spent together we became a family so after a lot of joking around and stalling we finally started an alliance.

I would like to thank jgator for allowing us to use the old BrotherHood Bloc seal and for creating the flag.

Our forums are http://z3.invisionfree.com/The_Brotherhood...dex.php?act=idx

IRC is #CN-BrotherHood on Coldfront.



Goals of the BrotherHood

We, the Citizen nations of the The BrotherHood (TBH), realizing the need for greater security and stability in the Cyberverse, do hereby set forth the principles that the Coalition of Governments holds dear as well as the rules and regulations governing this alliance. Only through strict adherence to these principles can the The BrotherHood contribute to the stability of Cyber Nations.

Article I:

Citizenship and Guiding Principles

The BrotherHood is a Black and Blue Team alliance. We will not accept any forms of dual membership. Applicants of TBH will, upon approval, become members of TBH only. Evidence of dual membership is punishable by expulsion or military action. We will also decline any applicant nation that is at war with another nation; however, if that nation is not part of another alliance and did not declare the war, that nation has the opportunity to enter the alliance after peace has been declared, or the war expires. If peace is not declared or agreed upon, the alliance has the right to intervene sending in nations to first warn the attacking nation and then to use action, as specified by the Black Hand. The Brotherhood will also deny citizenship to anyone that is deemed a potential threat to the harmony of the alliance.

In order to join The BrotherHood a nation must provide the following information:

Ruler’s Name:

Nation Name:

Nation Strength:

Nation Base Resources:

Team Color:

Past or Present Alliances:

Is the nation at war? (if yes explain):

Who recruited the nation? (if anyone):

Level of Activity (how often the ruler is online):

The Applicant may also have to do a 15 to 20 question Q & A Session with members.

*Freedom of Speech

All members of the BrotherHood have the right to voice their opinions. On the alliance forum, IRC and Cybernation Forums.

Article II:

Government Positions

The Government of the BrotherHood is made up of the following branches.

Voice Of The BrotherHood

The Voice is elected by the Black Hand to serve as the communicator between The BrotherHood and the Cyber verse. The Voice will be the seventh member of the Council.

The Black Hand

Black Hands is the legislative body of the alliance, consisting of a cabinet of six ministers. It is the responsibility of Black Hand to be the voice of the alliance in government. . All issues that affect the alliance, as a whole, are to be voted on by Black Hand.

* Election Process

Each Parliament member serves a three-month term, with no limit on the elected number of terms. In order to run for a Parliament seat an alliance member, in good standing, must be nominated for this position by another member of the alliance. A third party must second each nomination. There are six available seats.

Government Branches

* The BrotherHood Guards

Is the military of the BrotherHood. The Guards will be run by three Generals, One to look after Everyday defense of the TBH, One to plan for any Offensive wars and One to act as the Head of BrotherHood Intelligence. Guards have the highest priority for Government Funding.

Generals have the power to approach the Black Hand requesting permission to entering into an Offensive war. Once they request a war the Council has 24 hours to approve or deny any claims for war. Generals cannot start an offensive war without the approval of the Council. Although they may do so in the defense of a member nation from a rogue attack.

Article III:


The BrotherHood has a retaliatory strike policy in which no attacks will be authorized unless provoked through means of declaration. The BrotherHood will put diplomacy ahead of action in all matters concerning war. Unprovoked attacks by rogue nations will be given one chance to step down and pay reparations to the nations attacked. This will come via BrotherHood Guard or an appointed envoy acting on the Councils behalf. The nation will then have 24 hours from the time of declaration to step down. If that nation chooses to continue aggression the Guard will send war support from fellow member nations.

* Unauthorized Hostilities

The BrotherHood member nations that declare war without having first been attacked or without the authorization of Black Hand, will be subject to punitive actions. These can include, but are not limited to censure, paying reparations, and/or expulsion. Any citizen brought to charges has a right to a fair disciplinary hearing in front of the Black Hand.

* Espionage

No member nation of the BrotherHood may engage in espionage against another allied nation without direct authorization by the Black Hand and BrotherHood Guards. Espionage is defined here as subversive acts designed to incite change or destruction against another nation. Breaking of this rule is grounds for expulsion from the alliance.

* Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are to be used as a defensive weapon but may be used as an offensive weapon if permission is given by the Black Hand. No nation within The BrotherHood is allowed to fire a nuclear weapon without the authorization of the Black Hand


Left_Behind, Black Hand

Specto, Black Hand

Nagini, Black Hand

Edited by Left_Behind
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Hmmmm wasn't there an awesome bloc called The BrotherHood? Also congrats LB

I think he addressed that in his post ;)

Very sexy, Lefty, I'm excited to see you leading an alliance again. I've missed you

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lol @ stealing old alliance's names

good luck, LB

It wasn't an alliance. It was a bloc. Besides it describes us perfectly and I was the leader of one of the alliances in it. I also made sure that some people were cool with it.

Zoom: Thanks man.

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It wasn't an alliance. It was a bloc. Besides it describes us perfectly and I was the leader of one of the alliances in it. I also made sure that some people were cool with it.

There was an alliance back in '07 called The Brotherhood :P

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