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A small reminder to any nation

liam riordan

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There has been a few incidents of people who have surrendered still being attacked, with nuclear weapons too in one case.

So this is a reminder to all nations in general I suppose.

Tell the nations that are attacking you that you have surrendered, and provide a link to your surrender post.

Why should you do this? To prevent any attacks during POW'ship, ghosting of the POW AA which is wrong and cowardly, and also to maintain a positive note in the war.

While the politics of the war I will not delve into here, I do not want to see any propaganda about "Surrender to X alliance, and they still attack you!"

This is wrong and depressing. If you surrender, your done finished. Just make sure you tell the nations that you have. We're only human and we (tend to) have lives outside of Cyber Nations.

This is a public announcement from Liam Riordan.

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A good reason to not surrender until your alliance does, then both sides usually mass message everyone.

honestly, it's not worth the headache to surrender to individual peace terms. Plus you're bound to meet one or two jerks who just won't give up, even if you surrendered and did everything right, they'll sneak in a last attack or something or go crying to their alliance about how you shouldn't be let free and they want more "kills".

-not directed at any side, it just tends to always happen

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A surrender PM is easily overlooked between 30 messages I receive per day because of the war. I doubt anyone reads all those messages since they are all the same. I just mass-delete all PM's.

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