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An FnKa Announcement

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Since FnKa's inception, we have been tied with TOOL. For our first eight months, TOOL defended us from all possible attackers with a protectorate agreement. In March, we announced our full independence as an alliance as we passed 1 million nation strength. We cancelled our protectorate and signed an MDoAP with TOOL, marking a new era in our relations. Last night, The Brigade declared on TOOL. Tonight, we return the favor.

Fear none Kill all activates our MDoAP with TOOL and declares war on The Brigade.

Signed for Fear none Kill all

Metal Shards, Prime Minister

SilentFury, Deputy Prime Minister

Azaarious, Minister of Internal Affairs

ArchSorcerer, Minister of Finance

Platino, Minister of Defense

Appoliqize, Minister of Recruiting

Yankeesfan924, Minister of Foreign Affairs

SkaPunk, Minister of Approval

BlackBlack, Minister of Communication

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have never seen so many "optional" clauses being enacted, evar. Personal opinion but 95% of you would have used the "o" to stay out. But now that the odds are in your favor you jump

MDAP = win

MDoAP = bandwagon

The D isn't optional. Unless you are referring to the wars on the other side.

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