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Carpe Diem celebration.

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A Carpe Diem Announcement


Total Days seized by Carpe Diem thus far: 365. For those of you who don't get what I mean by that, It's Carpe Diem's birthday today :wub:

Being fully honest, it feels as though it's passed by all too quickly. I wanted to be able to saviour our first year on Bob more. However, I'm proud of what we have accomplished together so far.

And now, because I can't think of much else to say, here's Pyroman's thoughts:

It hardly seems like a year since our DoE. Whoever said CN time moves quicker was right, it feels like it's been 2 or 3 years. Our DoE thread was interesting too. We got trolled for being trolls, in a "we're better than you" sort of way. I still remember some no-name saying that we'd be destroyed within a certain amount of time. Since I know that his specified amount of time was less than a year, I'm fairly certain he chickened out and didn't follow through on the losing end of the bet, or he got banned for being a moron. Who knows?!

Of course, those were better days, so our first birthday is a tad bitter sweet for us. In the span of a year, so much has happened. Old friends have left, and new friends have joined, we fought (albeit briefly so far) in two wars, and we either grew or dropped NS at rapid rates, ranging from 1.6 million after 2nd coalition to just over 3 million less than 4 weeks ago. I bet if you look at our charts over the last year you'd see a roller coaster of people leaving and joining.

Also, this is my first time being in an alliance that made it a year. NOI would have been 2 years old this coming May, but we merged before we got the chance to reach our first birthday. I'm glad we did it too, CD has thus far proved to be much more entertaining.

In any event, we intend on staying around a lot longer, so get used to us, and look forward to seeing more CD birthday posts.

I asked Mayuri, one of the original three triumvirs upon CD's founding, on his thoughts of us reaching our first birthday:

<Mayuri-[ioM]> woo

Well said Mayuri, well said. :wub:

Also, we had a few polls to celebrate this joyous occasion, and I am (actually, to be honest, not-so) pleased to reveal the results.

Most Popular Government Member

Cairna, Divine Proportion taking second

Least Popular Government Member

Styro, with myself (Destructiox) coming along second place (Why, why didn't I win? :( )

Most popular regular member

Tied between Selindryl and Nightmist, with Strixx being our lovely runner up.

Best Ex-Member

Arturion, followed up closely by AngryMidget :wub:

I'd like to take this time now to shout out to all our treaty partners past and present, 1TF, LEN, GR, RoK, our friends in Terra-Cotta and Amber Accords, our old friends in the CDT, DoC and NpO, and of course to our awesome protectorates SNAFU and FINAL. :wub: you all.

Also, k4tz wanted a mention, so here's a superspecial shout-out to you! :wub:

Finally, we realize that on this day we may not have time for celebrations now. Our soldiers however, intend to celebrate by setting off some fireworks while in enemy territory. :jihad:

Here's to many more years, and much more day-seizing.

o/ Carpe Diem.



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