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  1. I'm glad this has finally been announced. So much win!
  2. [quote name='angryraccoon' timestamp='1297724921' post='2633512']You guys have been some of the best opponents I have faced and I salute you.[/quote] You were hands-down the hardest opponent I've ever fought. Thanks for the near ZI
  3. [quote name='New Frontier' timestamp='1297063658' post='2623768'] Gondor probably belongs on the PB side. [/quote] Considering their abandonment of the Lost World, I'd agree. [img][/img]
  4. [quote name='abdur' timestamp='1295744865' post='2592667'] Guys, this is just us defending a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.We just don't like seeing our friends burn. [/quote] And we you for it. o/ DRAGON
  5. [quote name='Silver Empress' timestamp='1295599150' post='2588898'] Clearly we are the secksiest alliance of the lot. [/quote] It [i]is[/i] an excellent representation of us.
  6. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1295596816' post='2588831'] going to nuke DP first [/quote] I'm waiting
  7. This announcement is terrible without real dinosaur comics.
  8. [quote name='ProdigyNL' timestamp='1283892167' post='2445658'] It started when Divine Proportion wanted to start an alliance, she talked it over with old UPN friends Bones Malone and Magister Agricolarum...[/quote] As much as I would like to take credit for being the evil master-mind behind tLW's creation, I do have to admit that it was Bones who harassed me for nearly 4 months before I finally told him I [i]might [/i]be interested. Anyways, yay us!
  9. Prod is going to be serving as my personal minion this term Also, how'd I get re-elected? What were you guys thinking?
  10. One of our members would be interested in trade circle: gstills22. Her info: Nation: Queendom Ruler: Queen Elizabeth X Resources: Aluminum, lead Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=172784 She is currently purple, but will switch to blue once the circle is ready.
  11. Blue Trade Circles, sponsored by the Lost World A couple requests: -Blue nations only, or willing to switch as soon as the circle is ready -Don’t sign up for multiple circles -If you want to switch or drop out of a circle, let me know ASAP. To apply: I will update both nations looking to join, and the circles themselves as more become needed. And please be patient! Circle A: 3BR + U Beer, Construction, Fast Food Aluminum: Cattle: Fish: Silver Empress Iron: Lumber: Shootemup252 Marble: Pigs: Spices: Sugar: Silver Empress Uranium: Water: Wheat: Shootemup252 Circle E: 7br +U Asphault, Automobiles, Construction, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars, Steel Coal: Gold: Lead: Oil: Toynbee Iron: Marble: King Aurther Rubber: Joffrey Lumber: Toynbee Aluminum: Uranium: Alt1 – Silver: Joffrey Alt2 – Spices: King Aurther Circle G: Affluent Pop Affluent Population, Jewelry, Steel Coal: Gold: Silver: Xolver Gems: Saad Bouh Furs: Fish: Wine: Saad Bouh Iron: Cattle: Wheat: Sugar: Xolver Alternate:
  12. Awwww, I wanted to be the one to coup Pyro Otherwise, congrats guys!
  13. This whole thing got started because you were trying to to roll me. When am I going to get the attention I deserve?!
  14. You should reconsider your decision to spare the rest of my alliance. They really, really deserve it.
  15. Soooo, if I destroy my own nation, can I still have the money?
  16. Surely, nuking me is worth more than $200 million to you?
  17. This proves I should always pick the comics! I put a good 5 minutes into finding at least semi-relevant ones. Anyways, I like this treaty. UINE
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