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  1. I think what Wes is meaning is that all of us in the alliance enjoy a good war and have no objections to fighting for a long time (personally I could fight continously for years if there was the cause). In this specific case however there seems little value in either side fighting as we prefer our wars to be just and with some meaning rather than purely for the sake of it (as with rogues). As this all started due to a misunderstanding and rightful retaliation against rogue nations who were ghosting our alliance with that variable out of the way peace is the obvious way to go since as far as
  2. Enjoying the wars of course (still yet to lose one NS wise although my nukes are starting to run low...) :) I'm sorry that you're missing out on the fun but I'm sure there will be other opportunities in time :). Hit me in a few days if you fancy a rematch :)
  3. I was making trade circles on a reasonably large scale before resources were switchable, I should be fine even sanctioned but thank you for your concern :)
  4. Don't go steal my nuking rights! :( Good to see you around kerschbs! Its been a while since our last exchange! I hope MI6 is treating you well :) I'll continue as long as NpO wish (I'm fine with changing targets if you ever want though), it makes things much easier having targets volunteering to fight rather than being forced to choose them myself :) I've always loved being at a disadvantage and having to think during wars - easy wars are boring :popcorn: I'm not entirely sure why they think having to buy back infra for nukes is a bad thing though - with my wonders and trade circle
  5. You're welcome :). I'm confused as to where you got the 2 weeks from then but whatever :) . @zoskia, you can spin and believe it however you'd like, I'm just looking forward to a good long war, life's to short to get angry or overly invested over something like this. It will take as long as it takes but the perma-war side if it is your and your members decision to make (as I said, we are open to negotiate a stop with you if you ever wish whether now or well down the line), I'm happy either way :)
  6. Lol, the fact that you say that says how bad an ally NpO is given how many months if not years the two of us have fought to uphold treaties in the past with zero gratitude. You're welcome to your beliefs of course though :) @zoskia, I'm glad to hear that you'll be able to fight for years as well, it should be good fun and I look forward to seeing who you field against us :) The sooner you're able help us get to ZIT the better as then the real fun can start :D
  7. Aye, I can fight for years if Polar wants to, its up to them :). You really don't know what you're dealing with if you think that's meant to intimidate us zoskia :) The fact is if you do as you are threatening you will be resigning your lower tiers (30k NS and below) to perma war for years. Your response is exactly as anticipated and I look forward to fighting for a long time to come :) As Wes mentioned though, the option of surrender is there is you ever feel like it :). Just give one of us a message and we can discuss your terms :)
  8. Great to see this! :D Welcome to the bloc Invicta and SNX! :D
  9. A sad day, I wish nothing but the best for the future of this merger. You've gained some great members NoR! :) o/ TTE o/ Arizona
  10. Glad to see this, given how close we are it only makes sense that we should open up further :) Tony, I challenge to do a duel (membership) :gun:
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