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  1. I can't wait until I get to see this announcement again next year.
  2. First D34th came to complain about the terrible reps NSO wanted to give to Kaskus, except there were none. Now that the war is over, he comes to complain about how we ended a war we were justified in starting. Do you have nothing better to do than follow our alliance around and verbally fart at us?
  3. someone's upset they got their micro alliance into this mess :smug:
  4. Oh [i]snap[/i]! You're right! That out of context quote has shot our legs out from underneath us. We should probably disband now to avoid our horrible liar of an Emperor. Please surrender now and save the rest of TSL pain for your mouth breathing.
  5. What is your game here? Scream "Liar!" until it becomes true? You've posted stuff, yes, but I don't see anything that points towards a lie. I've seen a lot of dense people on these forums, but I really do think you've taken the cake.
  6. You behave like one of these in this thread. I'm sure we all can guess which. I really do feel sorry for Ace for having to deal with this. He seems like a good guy and doesn't really deserve the beating you brought to him. I feel sorry for the rest of The Shadow Legacy as well, for having to hide in peace because your stubbornness. Have you considered apologizing to the people that look to you as a leader? Because I know if I had such a devastatingly incompetent leader, I would like an apology! Luckily for me, the leader of my alliance isn't like you.
  7. The way D34th talks it seems he thinks we're demanding stupid harsh reparations from Kaskus. I don't see how wanting them to admit that they were dicking us around and baiting us into a war, and how an apology and surrender, will cripple their alliance.
  8. Hey sup I don't really understand all the hostility. I thought this whole war was about both sides wanting to fight, so why not just punch each other for a while until you get bored instead of taking shots at each other? [OOC]Sorry if I'm wrong. I'm very inactive and haven't paid attention to this game in years. To be honest I don't even know what this war is about. okay bye.
  9. [quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1358575162' post='3079649'] Did you just exit a time capsule from 2009? This is the most legit reason for a war we've been lucky enough to see in years. [/quote] Actually pretty much yeah. I've paid no mind to anything around here for the past few years. [ooc]I just played the bills/collect game for a long time. I didn't even know what a Kaksus was until I was suddenly at war with them.
  10. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1355925033' post='3065797'] So NSO is not going to at least defend their nations getting pummeled by Kaskus? Good to know. -omfg [/quote] Of course we're not. That would just be silly.
  11. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1355923550' post='3065792'] 24 out of 27 wars were declared by kaskus as of now. -omfg [/quote] [Quote][b]the New Sith Order hereby declares our intent to retrieve Unknown Smurf for ourselves.[/b][/quote] Take a guess at who those 3 wars were declared on.
  12. Ponies have Bacon God. That's enough to have my support.
  13. Good fight, Legion. Thanks for the good time. Maybe we can go at it again in the future for a round or two, just for fun.
  14. [img]http://i.imgur.com/v8eDN.jpg[/img]
  15. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=41319 Iron/Lumber
  16. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=41319 Iron/Lumber. Preferred team is white. Will change if needed though.
  17. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=41319 Iron/Lumber. Preferred white team.
  18. [quote name='avenger218' timestamp='1300580974' post='2670556'] [u]as for the REASON you attacked[/u], we don't like you either, does that make it ok for us to do a 300 alliance vs 3 alliance doggie pile on you guys? [/quote] I'm in NSO. I don't recall NSO being a member of Doomhouse, but I might be wrong. I might be on NPO's side of the war, and nobody likes having an allied alliance attacked, but I do not think Doomhouse's CB was bad. If the roles were switched, would you be cheering on NPO and allies for hitting Doomhouse?
  19. 87 pages and people are still complaining about DH's CB? Why can't "We don't like you" be valid enough to justify a war?
  20. I am okay with this. A few words and an entertaining beer review. I see no reason to cause a fit about it.
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