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  1. Short blog entry, i know
  2. Why do people harass people's blog. I mean honestly if the person takes time to actually write these things, give them some credit at least. No one writes these things in order to be harassed but in order to express their opinions and/or beliefs. Nobody writes a pure blog without any mistakes or faults. That persons beliefs in that blog could be different from yours. So please unless its your blog, stop harassing the person who wrote it. They could have put a large amount of time and effort into writing it. I mean honestly do you like people telling you that your wrong and they you should stop writing because its stupid. If you do not like being told that then do not tell others stuff like that. DrummerMike King of Forte Founder of Forte
  3. The topic was together we will... and mine was the only pessimist serious one... he said he was amazed when he gave me the A, since it was pessimist.
  4. haha but i still proved to him that i could write a page essay in less than 20 min
  5. Here is an essay i wrote for english class back in october, pretty good essay. Got an A on it. Together We Will Fail To Succeed… Death. Despair. Destruction. These words travel throughout the world every day. They define the bases of societies and peoples downfall. These words have existed all throughout history, their meaning followed through, some caused by individuals ,but most caused by groups of people. Tragic things happen to everyone, it can not be avoided. Everyone will fail, whether individually, or together. Everything a person does today will not help them in the future. Their actions will only lead towards misery, despair, and hopelessness. A person may think that he or she has succeeded in life, by getting a good career, or having a nice and loving family, but, in reality, their success will end. No matter what the person does, he or she will die. Everything and everyone dies. Death causes people to fail because they can not take his or her life’s accomplishments and successes with them to their eternal life. A person will never truly achieve anything, for a short time they will think that they have, but death will still come upon them. That person might think that they are leaving ideas and items for future generations, but in actual sense they are not. Anything someone does will not be remembered. That person or thing might remember it, but they will cease to exist one day also. With time memories disappear into history. Today in school we do study history, but unless a person does something remarkable, it is not remembered. An average person will not be remembered. Sometimes even the famous person is not remembered after hundreds and hundreds of years. It is because these people will be replaced by more modern people, for they make more changes to the society at the time than the historical people did. Together we will destroy the earth. This does not mean that we will literally blow it up or anything, this means we will indirectly harm it, eventually leading to our demise. The earth can only supply humans with a limited amount of resources. Once these are gone, mankind will have to think of something to do. Even today humans are destroying the earth because we are cutting down trees and polluting the air. These activities and more are destroying it a little at a time. Mankind is thinking they are improving the world but they are not. They are cutting down trees in order to fit their own needs. They are building structures which is causing pollution, which is destroying the ozone layer. This heat is melting the polar ice caps, making water levels across the world rise. In all sense it is not the environmental impacts that are harming humans it is humans that are harming the environment. Together we are destroying our society. In today’s society we have multiple wars and violence going on. These wars are causing many deaths among soldiers who had hopes and dreams. The wars are causing governments to change powers, and they are ruining people’s lives. They are causing even harmless people who have never did any harm to anybody to lose hope and die. Death is what causes people to fail in life. If it wasn’t for death, every single person in the whole world would always succeed at everything, but that is not the case in this life, if someone can succeed it will be wasted. Now, if someone thinks there is a way, though, to not fail in life: they are right. As long as a person believes that they truly have led a good life with good loving people and they believe they have succeeded then they have. The only way a person succeeds in life is if they believe in themselves. Believing in yourself is key to life and true success. Together we can change the future.
  6. Yeah and if you didnt notice i tend to change topics at some point
  7. Im 15 ... i wrote this in 15 min to prove to a friend that a can write something really quick... cuz he wrote 3 pages in like 5 hours so far
  8. What is the origin of religion? Where do the different religious affiliations come from? Where are they going? Nobody knows the exact truth to any of these. But the idea of a certain human being along with its conscience can determine this. Every person in the entire world has some views on religion. Every single religion is interpreted different. Each individual of that religion can even interpret their own religion different than others of that same affiliation. Whether they know it or not ever person most likely knows enough about their religion to answer these three questions. The origin of religion is sense the time when man first started walking on this Earth. Nearly every single religion will agree will that statement. Nearly every religion will say their religion started when their savior, prophet, or founder first stepped foot on the earth or when that person hit a remarkable break through. Most religions will also say that in the future they will seek new convert and become the strongest and most dominant religion in the world. In reality though only a handful of religions are known amongst the majority of the world. This is astonishing considering there are over thousands of different religions in the world with some not even known considering that group of people is cut off from modern society. History shows that when different religions react together there tends to be some form of conflict. This conflict tends to be slaughter, war, and prejudice. This is why as many religions tend to hold central locations. These locations are areas that allow the religions to grow free of persecution due to the fact that everyone surrounding them is of that same affiliation. Soon though, the religion will need to expand its boundaries in order to seek more converts. This will inevitably cause more violence and destruction. The fight over religion is will continue forever. Everyone will be involved in some form of religious transgression in their life, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Voodoo, or even Atheist. Constantly humans think that they should become an atheist in order to escape the stress and tension. In reality though, atheist are becoming the most vulnerable. This is due to the fact that each religion is arguing to atheist about how they must believe in a God in order to live a perfect life and afterlife. When in reality they can live a good life even as an atheist. But what will they live for? If they have no hope for the future and what is to come then they have no purpose for life. They could just kill themselves and if they were a true atheist they should not care then. This is because if they are atheist then nothing would happen to them once they die. They also have no reason for living if they are an atheist. This is because life only brings stress, despair, and destruction. Anything they have or will do will end in tragedy. Their family and friends will all die and most would not even bother to bare the pain that can cause. So if they are positive that nothing will happen then why not just end their life and get it over with before they have to go through that? This is because most atheists are scared. Most know that they are wrong in what they are doing due to the fact that science and philosophy cannot prove most things. Science will never prove everything. Even the things that they have proven, some religion has most likely proven that wrong from factual evidence or from their beliefs. If atheist turn and give their life to God then they will find a true reason to live and will not be struck with grief as much when their loved ones leave this earth. For they know that they will see them again one day. When they day come they shall rejoice in the presence of the Lord, and shall give glory to his name and they will forever rest in peace.
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