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Augusta Antonia

Duckies Gone Wild!!!

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Rubber Ducky Division


Quack Quack Quack Mr. Ducksworth!

It’s been quite a week on CN wouldn’t you say? Wars raging, n00ks flying, treaties canceling. *Whew* All very tiring, but alas, no rest for the weary! As the chaos on Planet Bob ensues the Duckies of RDD have formed a Flying V in front of our friends at Echelon.


All quacking around aside, Rubber Ducky Division hereby announces that we are activating, as per The RubaDubDub Accords, our MDoAP with Echelon. We at RDD are noble Ducks and as such we would never think of dishonoring our obligation to our friends at Echelon, therefore, we will stand in her defense. That being said let it be known that Rubber Ducky Division officially declares a state of war with Random Insanity Alliance for their actions taken against Echelon.

We at Rubber Ducky Division believe in fair play, therefore we will not be first strike launching nuclear weapons. If however our duckies come up looking like this:


Expect the favor to be returned!

See you in the pond! *Quack*








JoshuaJames - Minister of Defense

nysoldier - Minister of Internal Affairs

Woopsi - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kirjath-Jearim - Minister of Finance

Yuri Baddic - Minister of Recruitment

Kail the Impaler - Director of Intelligence

Obligatory Propaganda



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You do realize that cupcakery is an OOC channel and thus has members from both sides present in the channel? But whatever.

GOD of course supports our SuperFriends over there at RIA.

o/ RIA

o/ Cupcake

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RDD, as a former member of GR I'm way disappointed with how you guys have handled your FA. Hopefully after this is over you will do better.

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You guys do realize that you are fighing on the wrong side of the war right? Isnt there a bunch of old golden sabres in RDD?

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