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The Hyperballl Protectorate Agreement


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A little while back, Auctor was on the lookout for a raid and he spotted a guy from this alliance called NUHyperForce. Luckily he resisted the urge, as after a closer look, we saw a lot of potential in this alliance and in the relatively short amount of time we've known these people, our relationship has blossomed and grew to a stage where our alliances agreed it would be mutually beneficial for us to sign this protectorate agreement.


Pre-match warm up

Out of a desire to help and support NUHyperForce, 1 Touch Football(1TF) wishes to extend its protection to it.

Article I - Football Hooliganism

Any unprovoked attack on NUHyperForce will be treated as an attack on both them and 1TF.

Any alliance wide declarations of war by NUHyperForce must be prior approved by 1TF, failure to do so may result in the immediate cancellation of this agreement.

In the event 1TF goes to war, NUHyperForce has the option, but not the obligation to back 1TF up. This treaty's standing will not be affected if they opt not to do so.

Article II - Sportsmanship

No member of either side is to commit acts of aggression on the other. Acts of aggression include both espionage and fighting.

Members found doing so are to be reported through the correct channels of communications and reparations paid in full within seventy-two (72) hours of said incident being reported. Failure to do so will result in punishment by the members home team, so long as both sides agree that such punishment is fair.

Article III - Tactical Knowledge

Both teams agree to share tactical knowledge that may be beneficial to the progression of the others. They also agree to immediately share knowledge of teams that may be about to go against the other, in order to preserve the sovereignty and safety of their friends.

Article IV - Club Funding

It's possible to support more than one team, so the management of both sides shall encourage their members to get behind each-other, offering the support that good friends do, be it financial or diplomatic.

Article V - Contractual Agreements

NUHyperForce must submit all treaties to 1TF for approval. It is to be understood that ToA's will be allowed as a matter of course, PIAT's will be subject to inspection, and ODP's and above will be subject to disapproval throughout the validity of this treaty.

Article VI - Sporting Partnership

1TF and NUHyperForce agree to open their resource and tech markets to each other. 1TF also agrees to provide economic assistance to NUHyperForce, including, but not limited to: guides, advisors, aid, and organizational advice.

Article VII - Sports Committee

NUHyperForce agree to vote for 1TF's senate candidate each month.

Article XIII - Contract Termination

If either party wishes to cancel this treaty for whatever reason, 72 hours notice must be given beforehand; this 72 hours notice is annulled should articles III or V be violated.

Signed for 1 Touch Football:

Chairman: Mayzie

Firms Director: Nickyh v20

Marketing Director: AndrewS

Economics Director: Mahmah

Commercial Director: Paulh83

Managing Director: JuilusCesar

Water Boy: Auctor

Signed for NUHyperForce:

Orionsway, Triumvirate

Rommel the Great, Triumvirate

Ozzlok, Triumviate

tl:dr - NUHyperForce are cool and they're protected by 1TF.

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Wow, now that's some cool graphics! Very much appreciated :)

Yes, we are very lucky and grateful for the protection provided by the treaty so graciously extended to us by 1TF. In our short relationship, we have found Mayzie and Auctor to be awesome, generous, and a bunch of laughs. Not only have they spent time hanging with us, they have provided friendly advice, guidance, and have joined in on some of our goofy games :) And, we are definitely grateful they decided to befriend us instead of tech raiding us :D

We look forward to a long relationship!

Again, very much appreciated by the entire NUHyperForce alliance.


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NUHF, you are in trouble. 1TF are nothing but pure evil.
another small alliance gets sucked in by 1TF :(

This cant be goood.......

Can you feel the jealousy from some of our allies? Look, we found new friends, it doesn't mean we don't love you anymore, just that we love you a little less. :v:

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