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The Order of Grämlins declares war on MHA.

This is nothing truly personal against MHA, this is just to see if those in The Grämlins will truly stand up for what they believe in and not just spout the line (one reason I left them to help do this is that I felt they just talked big).

Get up to the line or cancel Härmlins, Grämlins, cancel your MDP TOP. You all are weaksauce now that the majority of us have left to form something greater.

p.s. we're now the 9th ranked alliance by score.

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doubt this is true

LM putting his pixels on the line is like fireguy meeting a pretty woman... it ain't gonna happen


lookin for more targets in range that aren't already "called"

EDIT: I have no problem putting my pixels on the line. Never have. I like to build my nation efficiently as possible but I am not one that is going to be all heart broken from war. If I truly cared about rank I would buy into the top 10 right now.

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