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Dawing of a New Day, Shun the Nonbelievers

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A beacon in these dark and troubled times, It is heartening to see such fine friends come together in unity to create a bond of such strength that few can deny it’s potency. Today we have seen the results when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object and they come together in harmony. Argent is proud to have been a part of this and look forward to many good things from all of our allies in the future.

Presenting an Argent – The Order of Grämlins Mutual Defense Pact


One: Sovereignty:

It is affirmed that Argent and The Order of Grämlins are sovereign alliances. This treaty shall in no way whatsoever violate either signatory’s sovereignty.

Two: Defense:

The signatories do pledge that an attack on one of our alliances shall immediately bring the full force and wrath of our combined military upon the attacker. Neither signatory shall be required to provide assistance if the other signatory becomes involved in a conflict arising through treaties with other alliances, this treaty declares that it is an option for a signatory to enter into the defence of the other in this circumstance. Actions of an offensive nature shall not bring this treaty into activation.

Three: Non-Aggression and Friendship:

The signatories do agree to refrain from taking military actions or engaging in any form of espionage against each other. We agree to maintain courteous relations in public and private venues, all our differences shall be dealt with in private. We also agree to maintain open lines of communication and to inform one another on upcoming matters such as new treaties, military operations and mutual security issues.

Four: Espionage:

The signatories recognize that subversive espionage is neither honourable nor desirable and is a blight on all nations, as such, the signatories pledge not to engage in such activities.

Five: The Future:

The signatories agree that if either signatory finds that the reasons for the signing of this treaty no longer apply, they may cancel the agreement within seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent of the other party. We agree to a period of non-aggression for seven (7) days immediately after any cancellation of this treaty which may not be waived for any reason.

Signed for Argent:

Janax, Regent

Rustynail, Vice-Regent

Claroqsi, Minister of Internal Affairs

An_agent, Minister of War

Diomede, Minister of Foreign Affairs

EmperorOfCheese, Council

Fuzz227, Council

Poobah, Official Argent Hooker

Signed for The Order of Grämlins

DJPenguin, Trium

Liquid Mercury, Trium

Ejayrazz, Trium

Carl the Conqueror, Random Member

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Haha guys you can keep pretending that its real, but its obvious.

Blast, I have been shown that there is indeed a TOG. And because I was such a fool, I am joining myself.

o/ TOG

Sorry GR, but I just can't be away from something this magnificent

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