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The League of New Guinea

Sarah Tintagyl

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The League of New Guinea


The League of New Guinea exists to enhance economic cooperation between the states of Annihilation, The Hanseatic Commonwealth, and the New Taiwanese Empire. These states will attempt to form together in business consolidation only and this League does not include any domestic developments, foreign arrangements, or military alliances. These states have friendly relations and seek through economic development to improve that.

Article I


The states belonging to the League have full sovereignty of their regions and peoples, the League does not represent the needs of one nation over another and therefore no contest towards maintaining sovereignty shall exist.

Article II


Any country holding territory on the mainland of the Island of New Guinea is able to join this League.

Article III

Free Trade/Open Borders

All members will agree to open trade between nations, with no large tariffs on either nation. The nations can say what products cannot come into their nation, but cannot say what cannot be traded among the nations. Also, economic and technology sharing is open between nations. Concerning Open Borders, civilian and personnel attributed to economic status will be allowed free passage between nations without visas, however military movement between borders in strictly prohibited.

Article IV

Ownership of the Torres Strait

The Torres Strait between the Taiwanese holdings is now under League control and all member states will benefit from international trade going through the Torres Strait.

Article V

Intelligence Security

Member states agree to share with other signatories any information gathered which may constitute a threat to that nation or the League as a whole.

Article VI


Member states may withdraw from the League after posting a notice, forty-eight hours later they will be removed from the League.

Signed For

The Hanseatic Commonweath

Sarah Tintagyl, Lady Protector

The Empire of New Taiwan

Nebu II, Emperor

Ja'Hina, Secretary of State

The Nation of Annihilation

Madame Unicorn,Supreme Leader

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In the interest of neighbourly relations the Philippines extends the hand of friendship to the signatories of the League of New Guinea, itis our expressed hope that this event will increase the volume of trade between our respective nations.

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