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Western Republic Gridiron Tournament - Runup to the

Sargun II

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Every six months, the Western and the Eastern football leagues clash in a 32-team season in order to figure out the top team in the country. Generating billions upon billions of revenue, the games (and the final match) are a source of happiness and epic win.

Of course, why not share the love? After season after season of the same teams (among other things), the fans are crying for a world tournament. The best team from each gridiron-playing nation to come to Sarnunga and compete.

- Deadline to sign up is 11:59pm February March 8, 2009

- Preliminary Pool Assignment and tournament schedule will be released March 9 - First matches start March 9


Prize money to each nation will be awarded. The prizes will arrive in June of 2009 (ooc: sorry guys but I have a bunch of stuff to do with my new alliance: however, you can hold me up to this that you will get your prizes)

OOC: 1st place = $15,000,000 and 250 tech

2nd place = $3,000,000 and 100 tech

3rd place = $3,000,000 or 100 tech /OOC

NOTE: My own team's finish does not count towards prize money


- Sargun is the final arbitrator of all decisions regarding the tournament.

- Madden 09 is the AI platform for managing and playing out the tournament.


- entries are made under your RP nation name


- pre-set stock teams in Madden '09 will be assigned to represent your national squads.

- you may pick one position and that position will be given a 99 overall, custom player:

Team assigned will be determined by random selection.

- nations who pick a defensive team will get a defensive 88+ team

- nations who pick an offensive team will get an offensive 88+ team

The identity of your assigned team will be revealed when the pools are announced.


- matches are played within twenty-minutes, overtime is college-rule overtime.

- college-rule overtime is both teams get one possession. the team with the highest score after both possessions is the winner. if no winner is deterined, two additional overtimes are awarded if need be. at the fourth overtime, overtime resets and sudden death overtime starts.






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Sarnunga Panthers vs. Dhaka Eagles

(Seahawks vs. Redskins)

Opening Drive: Sarnunga

Intense QB pressure from the Eagles, who made it a point to get to the QB early and strong. However, by the time the Panthers got to the Dhaka 49, their QB was 3/4 and with 30 yards. Soon after, a 15 yard screen set up the first run for three yards. A potential interception was missed to set up 3rd and 1 - which was passed to the 15 yard line. More pressure ended up wasted with a pass to the 3. A sack later, the Panthers QB evaded quick pressure and zipped it in on an edge of the end zone pass.

End of First Quarter: Dhaka

The ensuing kickoff was brought to the 31 and downed with an excellent open field tackle by the Panthers. Dhaka went with the run early, scoring two quick first downs with their RB. However, a no-gain stuff by the 'Panthers set up the long bomb. The Eagles QB threw a pass which was caught, juked and ran for 55 yards for a quick TD.

3:11 left in second quarter: Sarnunga

Sarnunga responded with quick passing, bringing their QB to 10/11. The 2:00 warning sounded. A huge 18-yard pass set up a tense showdown past midfield, followed by a quick bullet pass to the 23. Soon after, only the second incompletion for the day set up 3rd and 2 at the 15 - caught at the ten! A quick pass later (and poor tackling) resulted in a 14-7 lead for the Panthers.

:55 left in second quarter: Dhaka

Another excellent return to the 31. The Eagles threw long to the Panthers 42 and called their second bomb to the 15. A dropped interception set up a real interception by the Panthers, who was then intercepted by the Eagles. A desperation run-back fell short with 0 seconds left, leaving it 14-7 Panthers.


Opening Drive: Second Half: Dhaka

The Eagles ran it back to the 40, and three RB rushes and a pass to the RB gave the Eagles a quick touchdown to tie it up.

3:30 left in the third quarter: Sarnunga

A brutal tackle at mid-field set up a first down for the Panthers. Soon after, a brutal behind-the-line tackle injured the Panthers RB, followed by a 0-gain stuff on the following play. However, the Panthers QB threw a 53 yard TD pass and the receiver barely outlasted the chasing corners, making it 21-14 Panthers.

1:33 left in the third quarter: Dhaka

Another return to the 31. A quick pass to his last-string WR required FOUR men to bring him down at teh 38. Another pass to the RB required a three-man gang tackle. Soon after, a great defensive effort brought down the Eagles QB three yards behind the line. A quick bait by the defense forced the Eagles QB into a bad interception to end the third quarter.

End of Third Quarter: Sarnunga

A quick pass by the Panthers set up first down in Dhaka territory. Two bad runs set up 3rd-13 in Dhaka territory, and another run set up 4th and 14.

3:13 in the fourth quarter: Dhaka

A long punt turned into a touchback. A huge bomb turned into a costly dropped interception to set up 2:25 left. A quick pass to the 39 yard line and a run to the 47 set up the 2:00 warning. A quick run to midfield set up the first down. SACKED! For a 7 yard loss. A bad pass for two yards, and an incomplete set up 4-13. Pressure ended up making the Dhaka QB scramble and he had to make a tough throw for overturning.

:49 in the fourth quarter: Sarnunga

Two quick runs set up :40 left and third down and eight, and a third run set it up at 4th and 10 with :36 left. They punt to the 23.

:32 in the fouth quarter, no timeouts, down by seven: Dhaka




DHAKA: 194 | 34 | 352

SARNUNGA: 224 | -2 | 297


The Sarnunga Panthers will represent the Western Republic in the tournament.

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