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UBD - ARES Valentines Engagement


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It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce the upgraded version of ACT, now to include a Mutual Defence clause. UBD - ARES relations have gone from strength to strength since the first signing of this series of treaties and I hope that this development brings us even more security and prosperity.

Long live UBD and ARES.

United Blue Directorate & Ascended Republic of Elite States Mutual Defence Pact.


After the success of previous treaties between the United Blue Directorate (UBD) and Ascended Republic of Elite States (ARES) both alliances wish to upgrade their binding to one another. This treaty is signed with utmost respect between these alliances and their joint vision in a planet bob of peace, diplomacy and prosperity. Again cookies will be mandatory on IRC.

Section I: Sovereignty:

Both signatories agree that this treaty does not infer a merger of any kind and would like to reiterate that both alliances are independent and retain their sovereignty under this treaty.

Section II: Non-Aggression:

- No member of either alliance shall participate in war, or provocation of the other alliance.

- No member of either signatory will aid, or give information to a known enemy of either alliance, whether it be a single nation, or a whole alliance.

- No member of these alliances shall ever spy on the other alliance nor impersonate members through the forums, or through in game features.

Section III: Friendship/Respect:

All members of the signatory alliances will treat the other as if they were one of its own. When addressing grievances, all members will use proper respect and seek proper diplomatic channels in resolving the issue, just because you have a problem with someone does not mean you should make everyone else look bad.

Section IV: Information:

Should either of the signatories find themselves in possession of any information that might impact the security of the other, they will pass on that information through proper channels with the utmost haste.

Section V: Assistance:

The signatories of this treaty are obliged to provide military, financial and diplomatic assistance to the other signatory if they are fighting a defensive war. In the case that one signatory is attacked because of another treaty the other signatory is not obliged to act but may do so if asked. In times of peace both signatories agree to encourage and actively pursue good resource and technology trading between the alliances to further the economic prosperity of the alliances as a whole.

Section VI: Review and or Upgrade

This treaty must be reviewed in 4 months from the date of signing and may be upgraded, downgraded or re-signed at this time.

Section V: Withdrawal:

It is recommended that all diplomatic options are used to preserve this treaty. However if either alliance wishes to with draw from the treaty they will give 48 hours notice, that will be posted in both Embassies. No act of aggression will take place between the two alliances directly or indirectly until the 48 hours have passed except when an act of war has been directly committed by the government of the countersigning alliance.

Signed for United Blue Directorate:

Director General: mdnss69

Director of External Affairs: Russell07

Director of Internal Affairs: Lyons

Director of Membership: GrimCity

Director of Communications: Slybomber

Signed for Ascended Republic of Elite States

Triumvir: Joe Stupid

Triumvir: Draovwildand

Triumvir: Penkala

Director of Foreign Affairs: p0rkSab3r

Director of Internal Affairs: v00v

Director of the Military: T-O-P

Director of Finance: Jotti

Director of Recruitment: PattonsDog

Director of Education: Peranadori

Director of Security: Sebastian

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Except it's not Valentine's Day... it's Friday the 13th :o

I admit it is a little early but we just couldn't hold our feelings in any longer without exploding. (See Subtitle)

Ohhh... very nice.

If this is an engagement, where is the bridal shower?

Bridal shower is at #ARES on Coldfront.

Edited by Russell07
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