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To Tell a Tale of Time


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Well ladies and gents, this is an RP scenario that I put together a long while ago but never got around to finishing it. Therefore, I would like to get together a band of loyalists some people who just want to RP completely outside of CNRP and try it.

N.B.: We shall mark our threads (though they should be few) with [T4].

And now, we shall embark to the magical land of Mercia (I swear, it is not named after me. :unsure: ).


Map of Mercia


The Year is P.R. (post revolution) 499. The three major powers of Mercia--The Versal Marquistrate, The Duchy of Cruxis, and the Kingdom of Tripoli--stand strong whilst the minor powers--County of Kanto, Hunan, County of Sai, Glory Duchy, and the Marquistrate of Antioch--are slowly growing. However, one night, the Hordes of the Dark land their troops from across the sea and sweep across the South East devouring and killing as they go. While the nations that remain standing attempt to rally their troops for war, the enemy is continuously advancing.

Can our heros win or shall the world be consumed with darkness and destruction?

The fate of Mercia is in your hands.

(Yes, I know its corny).

Use this form if you wanna join in.

Forum Name:

Nation of Choice:

Character Role of Choice:

Name of Choice:

Weapons of Choice:


Character description:


Forum Name: MercyFallout

Nation of Choice: Kingdom of Tripoli

Character Role of Choice: King

Name of Choice: Ariel Fitzroy

Weapons of Choice: Twin swords (light swords, both 1.3 meters in length), bow and arrow

Skills: Intelligence, Charisma, and very Agile

Character description: Like most in the Kingdom, Ariel is relatively slim and has snowy white hair. He is a bit taller than the average Tripolian clocking in at 6 feet but not by much. He has nothing but love for his kingdom and is willing to do almost anything to make sure it is victorious.

Role Sign Ups:

United Mercia

Versal Marquistrate

Marquis --

General --

Other Characters --

Duchy of Cruxis

Duke Alexandre de Bergeron (New Frontier)

General Clair de Crux (King Kevz)

Other Characters --

Kingdom of Tripoli

King Ariel Fitzroy (MercyFallout)

General Max Fightmaster (Sargun)

Strategist Farai Varinius (Raritan)

Other Characters --

Nations in Exile

Count Keshav Tasselholf of the County of Sai (Keshav)

Duke Remlin Garresh of Glory Duchy (freakwarz)

Information Dealer Alissimo of the Count of Sai (Generalissimo)

Hordes of the Dark

Upper Clans

1 -- Kalisha Longblade of The Horde of the Golden Fist (Vasili Markov)

2 -- Kymir Draagkin of The Ice Clans (mastab)

3 --

Lower Clans

1 --

2 --

3 --

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Forum Name: Sargun

Nation of Choice: Kingdom of Tripoli

Character Role of Choice: General

Name of Choice: General Max Fightmaster (it's a real name I swear to god)

Weapons of Choice: Two daggers and a staff on his back.

Skills: He was born and raised to fight, that's what he does.

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Forum Name: Raritan

Nation of Choice: Kingdom of Tripoli

Character Role of Choice: Other Characters (A military strategist/Advisor)

Name of Choice: Farai Varinius

Weapons of Choice: Dagger, Sword

Skills: Strategist, an Intellectual, reasonably good at hand-to-hand combat

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Forum Name:Sir Keshav IV

Nation of Choice:County of Sai

Character Role of Choice:Count of Sai

Name of Choice:Count Tasselholf

Weapons of Choice: A small Dagger hidden in a shoe and a Half-Sword

Skills:Smart, Patient, Good Fighter

The County of Sai is actually completely conquered at the start of our Scenario. If you would like to play as the Count in exile, please say so but do note that his power will be broken.

Also, get more people to join guys.

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Forum Name:freakwars

Nation of Choice: Glory Duchy

Character Role of Choice:Duke

Name of Choice:Remlin Garresh

Weapons of Choice:Longbow, Sabre

Skills: Horsemanship,Swordsmanship, Archery, Intellectual

Description: Wears leather with round steel plates sewed to it, to protect against sabre blows. His face is heavily scarred. He rarely speaks. Dark-Haired, tan, almost leathery skin.

Edited by freakwars
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Forum Name: Vasili Markov

Nation of Choice: The Horde of the Golden Fist (Upper Clan)

Character Role of Choice: Barbarian Warlord

Name of Choice: Kalisha Longblade

Weapons of Choice: Greatsword, Spears, Hatchet, Dagger, Long bow.

Skills: Exotic Mount (A Siberian Tiger) , Charismatic Leadership, Millitary Strategist, Wilderness Survival

Character description:

A 6'5 woman with short black hair, She is muscular from years of living on the steppe and fighting many duels.

She assended to the leadership of the Horde of the Golden Fist by slaying the previous warlord Rargnos Silvermane in single combat in a trial of strength.

She is a master of hit and run tactics and will strike at unguarded villages and lightly guarded outposts without warning and put them to the sword and torch before vanishing just as fast as she arrived.


OOC: I noticed a lack of bad guys here so I made you one. We still need more people on the horde side.

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Vasili, you stole my barbarian idea! D:<

Forum Name: It's right to the left of this. On the off chance that your eyes are paralyzed in a way that they can't look a couple centimeters to the left, it's mastab.

Nation of Choice: Upper Clan

Character Role of Choice: Warrior.

Name of Choice: Kymir Draagkin

Weapons of Choice: Fists.

Skills: He is a born berserker. When wounded or just filled with the adrenaline of battle, he loses all concern for his well being and control of his actions. Often he leaves a battle unaware of blades and arrows sticking out of his body.

Character description: Kymir was born into the tribes of the far North who are known simply as the Icemen. According to the Icemen's lore, they were banished to the North when their god, Draag, lost a war with another deity. They have a strange relationship with wildlife. They worship it as a physical embodiment of Draag, but also believe that the proper way to honor them is to slay them. Among the Icemen, the truly elite are known as berserkers. These people are said to be descendants of Draag because of their animalistic nature. They often wear nothing but a hide and have no remorse for killing.

Kymir Draagkin is one of these berserkers. One so great that he was given the title Draagkin, meaning son of Draag. He was a hero among his people for many years until one day he left their homeland and inexplicably moved to the South. There he was attacked by a group of Upper Clansmen hunters hoping to enslave him or just kill him for the thrill of it. He killed them and their steeds swiftly before continuing South. Not long after more Upper Clansmen came after him, this time after seeing what he had done to the hunters. Instead of attacking him, they offered him a new home among their ranks, which he accepted with a simple nod. He rarely speaks, often wears nothing but a white bear hide into battle, and dwarfs all men he stands next to with his tremendous size.

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Forum Name: Generalissimo

Nation of Choice: County of Sai (expatriate)

Character Role of Choice: Information Merchant

Name of Choice: Alissimo

Weapons of Choice: Other People

Skills: Analysis, Deception, Information Gathering, Manipulation

Character description: Alissimo is an unassuming middle-aged man who was once a successful trader, decades as carven trader has allowed Alissimo to establish an extensive information network.

Alissimo only deals directly with those able to find him, otherwise Alissimo finds you.

Alissimo spends his free time researching the exploits of people he finds interesting (player characters) as a nonprofessional hobby.

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Forum Name: Subtleknifewielder

Nation of Choice: Upper Clan

Character Role of Choice: Warrior

Name of Choice: Kassimer Fire-Drake

Weapons of Choice: Twin katanas

Skills: Agility, an excellent rider, uses his swords like extensions of his body--few can hope to match him in their use. His reflexes are so high archers have no prayer of touching him.

Character description: Surprisingly small for one considered so deadly in the Upper Clans, this nimble warrior of the Fire-Clan is only 5 foot 8 and of a moderate build. He carries the swords on sheathes in his back when not in use, but can draw them within a fraction of a second--if you blink, you might miss them being drawn. However, to make up for his size, he is so nimble and light-footed that, when in battle, it seems he spends half his time off the ground in the air. his keen blue eyes rarely miss an archer attempting to draw on him, and in the next few minutes, that archer is as likely as not dead. He wears little armor, as it detracts from his agility. Spearmen should especially fear him, ahs he almost casually flicks aside their weapons before skewering them.

His name is well-earned among his people, as his fiery red hair is matched only by his temper.

He grew up with his people (who are surprisingly fair-skinned for barbarians) in the high mountains that continually spew lava, and give the name to his clan. He, like the rest of his people, have an instintive hate for those of the Ice Clan, but they have united for the glory of mutual conquest.

OOC: I felt I needed to put some tension in with the bad guys...

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