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The Tech Raid Lottery Show


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The Tech Raid Lottery Show

a RAD presentation

*taps microphone*

Evening ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present a brand new show for the citizens of Planet Bob. This entertaining lottery show extends to two different extremes, the first being brutality with the other other being kindness.

So basically we draw 2 nations randomly that resides in the alliance known as "None", one of them shall receive a $3m prize courtesy of Waldo!

*Audience clapping*

The other nation will get the unlucky prize of a tech raid, which will be carried out by one of our finest experts in the art of tech raiding.

*Audience cheers*

Don't worry however, they are free to escape from our brutal tech raiders provided they accept peace at the first opportunity.

*Audience boos*


Please welcome our special guest Mr. Bill of Kingdom of Bill who will be doing the draw.

*Cheering and Applause*

So please draw the first nation Mr. Bill!

The first nation to win a prize is eagle2040 of golden eagle!

*Audience cheers*

Draw the prize for eagle2040.

He wins a prize of tech raid, poor fella.

*Audience cheers*

Moving onwards, lets draw the second who will win the $3m prize.

The winner of the juicy $3m prize is no-one other than Spencer323 of The Northern Nations!

*Audience cheers*

Well that's the Tech Raid Lottery Show's debut episode, hope you enjoyed the show! Please stay tuned for the brand new RAD ZI Show which is coming once someone pisses us off!

See you next week!

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