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  1. Welcome to the dance floor shrooms, and thank you for also sending your #1 nation on me, between him, Umbs #1 and Doomcaves #1 I am confident we can get my dusty old infra and tech cleared out quickly, May your casualties be plentiful
  2. I must admit, I sang through almost the entire second lyrics in my head
  3. NE, that is one of my top 3 favourite movie scenes of all time, I love you Comes around, goes around, karma works both ways. We wont stand under your Umbrella-ella-ella.
  4. Obviously these elections where rigged, voters bribed and democracy shamed... I'll be using my bribe money for some new bling, <3 corruption
  5. I hereby claim a pillow from the broken fort so that I may rest easy, condolences and good luck to both parts.
  6. Best and most read worthy announcement on the OWF at the time of writing this
  7. Nice to finally have this friendship officially signed on paper, even if it is horribly annoying to read
  8. Tremblin' world and all that, Anarchy Inc. Destruction is our business. \o/
  9. Sinking longships and empty mead barrels, goodbye Valhalla, my home for nearly 5 years. You will be missed.
  10. Strong is the potato, may he forever fly high above the mashers. Good luck old friends, may your new journey be long an prosperous
  11. [quote name='MrMuz' timestamp='1339926629' post='2986384'] No protectorate? [/quote] I am also curious about this, I see some tasty looking tech there
  12. [quote name='King Death II' timestamp='1333761712' post='2949394'] In Swedish that makes it pronounced like Vaalhaalaa [/quote] More like Vohlhohlloh but yes it is awful, I have voiced my disapproval of it being smeared on our forums a fair few times Welcome under our wing SE, it smells a little like armpit, but there's free mead. o/ SE *smacks Keshav's behind on his way out*
  13. Rest in peace Asgaard Welcome ashore shipwrecked Asgaardians
  14. Merry christmas to everyone on bob, except the hippies who work relentlessly to make this world less interesting to new-comers from space or something, you're all on santa's naughty list and you know it
  15. [quote name='Rontastic' timestamp='1323473473' post='2871326'] [b]chefjoe[/b] of Valhalla protected us, encouraged us and gave us our start on Bob. [/quote] We obviously need to have a talk with CJ about his tendency to encourage bad behavior o/ Oly, onwards to sideways 8!
  16. Forged signature is forged! You should know that I always end my signature with a <3 and a *huggles*. Anyway, good stuff! \o/
  17. And I just popped a fresh batch, not even worth eating now. Good luck UPN, may your tomb stomp be fancy and on a decent plot at the graveyard.
  18. [quote name='Seipher Caim' timestamp='1315430246' post='2796481'] (apart from the fact the we used to exchange Toga) [/quote] And one wonders why it all went downhill
  19. Oh hai! I know you! Makes me a sad panda that you didn't accept my post-raid peace offers and decided to go nuke rogue instead Oh well, thanks for the casualties and bon voyage!
  20. [color="#800080"]*Jesper eats one of Keshy's cherries[/color] Good show, winter is coming, even in Aztec tropics
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