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An Enigma Announcement

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In a stunning upset Dan Marino has been named Minister of Domestic Affairs. He seems up to the task and I'm sure he'll do a good job. His main job will be to supply me with isotoner gloves and super bowl tickets.

His appointment fillsl the last Minister spot in the Enigma government. It only took me a month but hey we got there.

To recap the current gov is as follows:

Emperor: Some dude

Minister of Foreign Affairs: King_neptune

Minister of Defense: Rustyleg25

Minister of Finance: Alpha Star

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Dan Marino

So that's it then. Hopefully there won't be a change of gov announcement for at least a few hours.

You can find us as always at http://cnenigma.site40.net/ or an IRC at #enigma on coldfront.

Also the laces were out.

)): Ray Finkle )):

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