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Hello all artists of the Planet Bobborz!!!!

A DJ (in CN-roleplay) and am willing to either buy you a 20$ donation or 12mil/200 tech if you can make a :awesome: logo for me. Here are my specifications:

2 versions (large and small)

Must include a Large CR, but the C must be backwards.

Must have something to do with a techno/trance theme.

Put on a black/white background, if it looks good, it'll probably be in consideration.


Its a big prize, play well.

Open until submissions slow down OR February 14th Whichever comes first. Slowed down admissions would be 1 admission in 2 days.

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Here is my try... Based on music (a speaker, sound line...) and techno (the "CR" is made with what is called techno dot" often used for that type of typo)...

I hope you'll enjoy it... If you have any comment, i would be glad to improve it for you....


Big one :


Small one :


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