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Dances with Wolves


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Dances with Wolves and Cats

A Kevin Costner Produced Treaty Upgrade


Act One: The Mutual Defense

    Once on a sunny afternoon, a band of wolves and cats were frolicking through the Mekong delta, not a care in the world could weigh any of them down, man. Suddenly out of the treeline out came a band of menacing red boar pigs, a real bummer at such a time. Both the wolves and cats took up arms and with great resolve; sedition hushed. “Any other takers?” the crew asked. To this day, we united, await a reply.


Act Two: Aggressive Action

    With our already constant communication, any intent to act in an aggressive manner should be discussed. If one crew wishes to go to battle and the other chooses not to; then all material aid possible should be offered to the fighting forces


Act Three: Communication

We always talk and always shall talk. Anyone who is within our crew should hold no hostile intent of another, any reservations about this will be handled in the thunderdome; where one or two dissenting members are placed in a flaming pit of death and forever silenced.


Conclusion: Apocalypse Woof

    It would be wise to never get in front of, in between, or sneak up on a pack of friendly happy wolves and cats; they get even happier when eating your flesh together like some sort of messy picnic.



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Good to see this posted!


8 hours ago, DeathAdder said:

Congrats guys.

AW is one of the best Alliances I've worked with in terms of reliability as allies. I know you won't be disappointed.

Thanks Death, you protected us in our infantcy and Im glad you are not disappointed in our alliance years later.



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8 hours ago, ericsw said:

Don't like the photo, why is the cat so much smaller than the wolf? size matters man... 


and o/ Ted Bundy and AW!

The Wolf is huge, I am at least 6 foot tall on all 4s haha You cats need steroids!


_____ Bundy- just fill in a first name :) 

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