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treaties that we have that you and no one else know about


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A peach looks good with lots of fuzz;

SLCB's no peach, and never was.


The people we have treaties with know we have them, and we know what we've got.  And we don't know you. And so why would we let you, whom we previously established that we don't know, know the details of something as intimate as a treaty.  You see, this is something that we take VERY SERIOUSLY and any disclosure will be disclosed (is that what you do with a disclosure?  See, that's something I didn't even know we had; reinforcing the PRECIDENT we've established here and this parathentical is getting long...) on an as-needed basis.


In as much, if you know of any treaties that we have, please keep that to yourself and don't make us shake the secret treaty box. 


Also noteworthy is that we've added a new treaty, and it's a really important one.


Finally, KurtCobain would appreciate it if you'd stop by the #slcb channel and say hello and introduce yourself so that we might interview you.  We've got a lot of questions.



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