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TPN Present's The Axis Annie Show !

Crask Mann

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TPN Present's The Axis Annie Show !

[18:52] <Dre4mwe4ver[GATO]> Heya, Freelancer
[18:52] <Freelancer> What UP
[18:53] <Dre4mwe4ver[GATO]>You know were at war, right ?
[18:52] <Freelancer> Of course, I spoke with a few people, how can we help?
[18:54] <Dre4mwe4ver[GATO]> We’ve got a  few objectives that have been placed in a diplomatic pouch in your secure forum.
[18:55] <Freelancer>let me take a peak
[18:56] <Freelancer>Interesting.. That’s it?
[18:58] <Dre4mwe4ver[GATO]> Can you handle it ? It’s not too much is it ?
[18:59] <Freelancer>Are you fucking kidding, we’ll have this done in less than a week
[18:58] <Dre4mwe4ver[GATO]> 0_0 lmao .. awesome, when can we expect you ?
[18:59] <Freelancer>How’s tomorrow morning
[19:01] <Dre4mwe4ver[GATO]> Really .. tomorrow.. no way
[19:04] <Freelancer>Yes way … let me plan this out …We’ll call it “operation sunscreen”

(Mission Details) Eyes Only!

1 Engage combatants of The Revolutionary Guard
2  Wipe out beach front property in Malibu
3 Break there will
Last but not least, we need them concentrating their effort’s away from
GATO Forces, we know it’s allot to ask, but were fighting 5 other wars,
whatever you could do to take their mind of us would be great.


This is Axis Annie for TPN reporting live from “Terror on the Beach”

At 6:30am on Nov 15th
a highly advanced weapons systems deployed by Contumacious led by
General Esoteric, ravished this once peaceful city, indoctrinated with
rap music, Apple Martini’s and group fornication this community's
citizens have witnessed “TRUE TERROR” exclusive photos obtained by PNN
paints a gruesome picture.




The neighboring community of Anderath
attempted a rescue mission and was immediately met with fierce and
overwhelming technological firepower from the military forces of White Rhino's who now is suffering a similar fate as it's neighbors.



A brave act indeed his valor commendable, meanwhile The III Percent's Flag Ship Enterprise awaits a response from the cowardliness of 

Arnicathia, Cascadia & Propitious watching their brothers in arms
burn & die while hiding behind a impenetrable force field.

Why any alliance would harbor such a display of cowardliness is pitiful,


Objective 4 Employed a tactic not often used.

A full propaganda campaign led by " Capt ( It was good enough for Kirk ) Freelancer flooded communications systems at SUN.



their Warrior's into an emotionally fueled fit. .Security camera's
captured this horrifying image of the raw animistic rage.

Viewer discretion is advised
NSFW or small children


Needless to say, Freelancer, Lady Dakota, Fritter McGee, Chaimen XiaoYao Fei have themselves knee deep in combat denoting dirty bombs & cruise missiles on a daily basis easily fulfilling Objectives 1-4


Middle tier SUN Banking Nations spend millions fighting these brave warriors, putting out fires and tending to the sick


Freeing up GATO resources while they battle indignation from right winged radical religious fanatics.




[16:52] <Axis Annie>  Freelancer, got a minute?
[16:52] <Freelancer> Sure
[16:53] <Axis Annie>Any remarks of the combat skills of SUN
<Freelancer> What skills, are you kidding, I have one guy who
appears to have a clue, wartime resource management is a joke and don't
even get me started about saving, we've raped robed and pillaged for six
days straight. 
[16:54] <Axis Annie> Do you see a future for SUN ?
<Freelancer> Ohh yea however they need to reevaluate there FA
policy if they intend to live as a economic alliance, they honored there
treaty with invicta, they had no choice, stupid FA policy inmo always
have a choice. We've got them so flustered Gibson is getting messages
such as these. I'll be nice and not comment on the ones he gets begging
him not hit there nation.

"To: gibson From: Karanor Date: 11/15/2013 9:29:04 AM

Subject: Stop the War with SUN

Now, now, there's no reason to foolishly go to war with SUN. You are
outnumbered 5 to 1, and attempting to counter forces that would almost
destroy your nations within a few days. I'm sure that if you made an
unconditional peace treaty with Fen Dorbak, the emperor, he would be
happy to cease the war."

[16:58] <Axis Annie>Do you have anything you'd like to say to the citizens of  SUN ?

<Freelancer> SURRENDER !! We've got you out financed, out
smarted, and frankly the testosterone to take this till your alliance is
nothing but a shadow of what it once was. I implore you get with GATO
FA as soon as possible.

[17:10] <Axis Annie> Thanks for you input.
[17:15] <Freelancer>anything for the alternative media smile.png


Objective 3 is well under way, Morale for the rank and file diminishes to what we can only describe as selfless act of win




This has been a special Axis Annie report for TPN

The III Percent would like to present the following nations with a Commemorative plaque, display it proudly !

Paul Jacobs
turtle island
The nation of Lonnie




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Those poor souls must in agony from the denoting dirty bombs. 

It's some nasty shit, compliments of Yao Fei's connection in the black market, we've been able to procure spent fuel rod's from fukushima which triples the radiation affect into the Cerebellum leaving anyone in it's blast radius completely disorientated and dumbfounded. 

Lets go live      


To: Freelancer    From: Karanor    Date: 11/21/2013 9:05:53 AM

Subject: RE: Wink *expect one every day*

Message: http://youtu.be/wg8FAoFa0gU?t=1m2s


To: Freelancer    From: Karanor    Date: 11/21/2013 9:20:32 AM
RE: Wink *expect one every day*

Message: Also, you aren't in the top 5% of nations, you can't purchase nuclear weapons without hacking.


To: Freelancer    From: Karanor    Date: 11/21/2013 9:22:18 AM

Subject: RE: Wink *expect one every day*

Message: Because it is very unlikely you have ever seen anyone with 100 million... whatever units of money you use.




Karanor, I want you to look at my aid slots, the other 2 later today will show the exact same thing, at 12:01am CST ... Expect this.


Then, with proper training and a flush federal reserve system, I will eviscerate any progress your people have made over the past  257 days.

Normally I offer anyone who wants peace The  POW option, "YOU" won't have the option. Consider this a proper education via The III Percent 

Edited by Freelancer
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